How to Refill an E-Cig

How to Refill an E-Cig Oliver Norman

How to Refill an E-Cig

Refilling your e-cig is a regular job, and you've probably been doing it for long enough to know exactly what you're doing. However, there are many people who are new to this scene and aren't entirely sure how everything works, so to help the newcomers, we will go through the process.

Taking Your E-Cig Apart

Firstly, you will want to disconnect the battery and mouthpiece of your e-cig. Once you have done this, you can begin to refill your tank.  

Refilling the Tank

When refilling your clearomiser, you will want to make sure that you get no e-liquid down the tube in the centre of the tank. This tube is for air flow only and getting e-liquid in there can seriously affect performance. To easily avoid this problem, hold the bottle at an angle and let the liquid run down the side of the tank. Make sure not to overfill your tank either, if there are any level markers on the side of your tank pay attention to them otherwise you might end up with e-liquid going into the centre tube.


Put your tank back together and then reattach your battery and mouthpiece. You will want to wait for a couple of minutes before using your e-cig so that the wick can fully absorb the e-liquid. If you try to take a drag before the wick has fully absorbed your juice, you may end up with a horrible burnt taste. If you find any leaks after reassembling your device, then don’t worry, all you need to do is take the clearomiser off and forcefully blow through the mouthpiece to clear excess liquid. Cover the battery connector with a paper towel while doing this.

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So, now you know how to refill an e-cig. We hope this has been helpful! If you need any e-liquids to put in your tanks, then have a look at our ranges:

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