What is a Dual User?

What is a Dual User? Oliver Norman

What is a Dual User?

What is a Dual user? Dual users are someone who both vapes and smokes to manage their cravings. Below we explore the positives and negatives of dual using as well as explain how you can manage your cravings and help you achieve your goals.

Having been around since the very first vaping device rolled off the production line. The clue is in the name – a dual user is someone who vapes but still smokes, they are using both to manage their cravings.

Some people find themselves as a dual user by accident, initially starting to use a vape as an alternative but never being able to fully let go of cigarettes. In these cases, there are often steps we can take to get us back on track – assuming our end goal is quitting smoking for good.

Other people may quite willingly choose to be a dual user, usually because their personal goal is to simply reduce their smoking habit rather than ditch it altogether.

Lots of people choose to vape during their 9-5 lives, at work and at home for example, but still allow themselves to indulge in a packet of cigarettes for a big night out or similar social event.

Whether being a dual user is good or bad, is solely determined by the end goal of your vaping journey – don’t forget that you are in control!

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What are the positives of Dual Using? 

Dual use can be a really helpful transitional tool. For a lot of us, that initial switch to a hard plastic mouthpiece and strange vapour from a familiar filter and smoke can be a big step, and really very daunting.

Knowing you still have some cigarettes to hand can not only give you the confidence to take the first steps on a vaping journey. But, falling back on them in times of high-pressure can make or break that journey’s success long-term.

What are the negatives of Dual Using? 

Being a dual user, as it involves still being a smoker to some degree, naturally exposes you to some risks. You can learn about the potential risks of smoking and more in our guide Finding the Right Alternative, but being a dual user has some less obvious drawbacks.

Smoking in general is quite a sneaky habit, that can become more frequent without us realising. While dual using, it’s important to keep an eye on the balance we strike between cigarettes and e-liquid.

We must be careful not to unconsciously start smoking more and more and slipping back into our ‘old ways’.

We should also take care not to find ourselves doubling down on our nicotine addiction as a dual user. Naturally when smoking and vaping we run the risk of taking in more nicotine than we were when doing with either one on their own.  

This is especially true if we start vaping without reducing the amount we smoke. Just because vaping is reported as a less harmful option, does not mean stacking it on top of a smoking habit will do you any favours!

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How Can I Reduce Smoking as a Dual User? [insert image]

Again, we want to stress – your goals are personal, and you should only ever decide to change your behaviour in a way that is healthy and comfortable for you.

With that said, if you are a dual user who wants to start ramping up your vaping and dialling back your smoking there are some top tips to keep in mind to make your journey easier.

Firstly, choosing the right product is important. Not being afraid to experiment with nicotine strengths and vaping flavours is almost as important.

You may well find it easier to reduce your smoking if vaping can be made more satisfying – this might mean picking a flavour you really love, or a nicotine level that is a little higher than you thought you needed.

There’s no shame in vaping a higher strength if it helps you consume fewer cigarettes overall, and having a flavour you love will make the prospect of vaping even more enticing than smoking.

Another tip is to observe the moments throughout your day where you still choose to smoke. You will likely find that some of them are during the most stressful moments – smoking in these moments while transitioning is perfectly understandable.

It’s just as likely however that at least one of the times you smoke is typically less stressful. Take one of these moments and turn it into an extra vape break.

Slowly start swapping out more smoke breaks for vape breaks and eventually you will only be smoking in your most stressed-out moments. From here, a total switch to vaping will be much easier.

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