If you're looking for an easy to use and hassle free approach to vaping where you do not have to refill pods or tanks with vape juice, or get your hands messy changing coils, our closed pod kits are ideal for you! 

These kits use 2ml pods which are fully sealed and come prefilled with e-liquid. Choose the perfect flavour and nicotine strength for you, and simply drop a pod into the device and enjoy!

Enjoy the same great disposable vape flavours of Elf Bar vape juice with the Elfa Pro or SKE Crystal Bar vape juice with the SKE Crystal Plus!

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Closed/Prefilled Pod Kit FAQs

What Is A Prefilled Pod?

Prefilled pods are a great no fuss approach to vaping if you're looking to start on your vaping journey or looking for a simpler alternative to the vape kit you've been using previously. They come prefilled with vape juice and are available in a wide variety of different flavours and nicotine strengths.

How Much Vape Juice Is In Prefilled Pods?

Each individual pod contains 2ml of vape juice. This is the maximum amount of vape juice which a pod can contain to adhere to TPD regulations set out in 2016.

Can I Refill The Pods With Vape Juice?

No you cannot. The pods are factory sealed and are not designed to be opened or refilled with vape juice. Once the vape juice has run out, you then dispose of the pod and replace it with a new one. 

How Do I Know When To Change The Pod?

You will need to change the pod when the vape juice within the pod runs out. The common indicator is that when you go to inhale on your device, a light will flash to indicate that the pod is empty and your device will not function. Another indicator would be you may get a burnt taste when you inhale, which is the cotton from the coil being dry due to no vape juice being left in the pod.

Are Prefilled Pods Better Than Disposable Vapes?

Prefilled pods offer a more cost-effective way to vape compared to using disposable vapes. The average RRP of a disposable vape such as an Elf Bar is £6, and you only get 2ml of vape juice contained within each device. For the same price, you can get a pack of two prefilled pods which both contain 2ml of vape juice, meaning you get double the amount of vape juice compared to a regular disposable. 

Can I Recharge The Devices?

Yes you can! This is another great advantage to using a prefilled pod kit is that you can recharge the battery within the device via USB. Something you are not able to with a standard disposable vape.