We stock an incredible range of variable wattage vape kits to suit your individual needs. Whether you're looking for a kit where you can set the wattage to your desired rate, or a kit that automatically varies the wattage for you based on which coil is used, we have them all! 

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Variable Wattage Vape Kit FAQs

What Does Variable Wattage Mean?

Variable wattage is the feature which some vape kits will have which allows you access to customise the wattage in order to achieve your desired overall flavour outcome as well as cloud production. 

What Benefits Are There With Variable Wattage?

This useful feature opens the door for full customisation to your vaping experience. You can play around with the variable wattage options to fine tune the output to ultimately find your sweet spot when it comes to wattage settings. Running your device at a higher wattage setting can provide an enhanced flavour experience from your vape juice as well as producing more vape clouds as well which is an appeal to some vapers.

Are Variable Wattage Vape Kits Good For Beginners?

We would not recommend a variable wattage vape kit for a beginner, especially if it is your first vape device. Whilst variable wattage is not overly complex to understand, a basic understanding of vaping is key when it comes to setting your wattage to the correct range. This is because the coils used inside vape tanks/vape pods have a suggested wattage range so setting your output either too low or too high runs the risk of ruining your coil and could lead to an unpleasant vaping experience. We would recommend variable wattage kits as intermediate/advance vape kits.