Top European City breaks For Vapers In 2024

Top European City breaks For Vapers In 2024 James Drake

Top European City breaks For Vapers In 2024

You might be planning a weekend get away in the new year, and there are plenty of beautiful cities in Europe worth visiting! But not all of the cities are vaper friendly.

This is why we have compiled a list of 5 of the best cities in Europe worth visiting, including some you can even vape inside public places, which is not permitted here in the UK.


The capital city of Belgium and a city full of culture, beautiful sights and delicious food!

Belgium is a perfect fusion of old-world charm and modern culture, with inner Brussels featuring the historic Old Town which is a popular tourist hot spot.

Renowned for it’s sumptuous selection of beers and delicious chocolate, there’s plenty to drink and eat when travelling around this beautiful city, and there’s no vape restrictions to worry about!

Vaping in Belgium is legal, and despite there being whispers of vaping being regulated in the country but these have yet to come to light.  


The German capital and it’s yet another city packed full of beautiful scenery, culture, and good food!

You can visit one of the many different museums located in Berlin, learn more about the historic Berlin Wall, shop at the countless amounts of markets and take a tour of Berlin’s vibrant art scene as well.

There are several great vape shops dotted around Berlin where you can buy your vape supplies should you run out whilst on your travels, and vaping in Germany is legal with the legal age being 18 like it is here in the UK.


The capital city of Czech Republic, home of Mozart and one of the most beautiful cities to visit, especially in winter!

Old Town Square and Prague Castle are destinations you must visit whilst in Prague. The history and scenery in this beautiful city will take your breath away when you visit and see for yourself. Hop on a tram, climb a tower, or simply walk around and embrace this scenic city as much as you can while you’re there.

Vaping in Prague is legal, and the use of e-cigarettes is permitted in café, restaurants and bars which is not common compared to other cities in Europe. It’s always best to check with the staff before taking a puff though as you don’t want to cause yourself any problems by breaking the rules!


A city that is not as common as others for a city break but one that is absolutely worth putting on your bucket list to visit.

Surrounded by grand architecture as well as stunningly beautiful lakes, Zagreb is a perfect city to visit if you’re wanting to take in some scenery and history as well.

Hidden gems such as restaurants and bars are tucked away on side streets away from the bustling central locations which are well worth visiting for some fantastic cultural dishes from across the world.

Vaping in Zagreb as well as Smoking is permitted in public places such as cafes and bars. As previously mentioned, double check with the staff of wherever you go into to get confirmation you are ok to use your e-cigarette.


Rounding off the list with one of the most popular city break destinations in the world and that’s the capital of Spain, Madrid.

You can take a guided tour round any of the brilliant museums, visit the Bernabeu Stadium, home of football giants Real Madrid, or just wander round the centre of Madrid, taking in the local culture, food and drink that Madrid has to offer!

Vaping in Spain is legal and is permitted indoors in certain public places which allow smoking. Check for signage or ask staff for confirmation of whether you can use your e-cigarette.

We hope that this brief guide has helped to make your decision of which city to visit that little bit easier. We’ve also written a handy guide to travelling with your vape as well which you can check out to get clued up before you jet off to your destination!

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