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Black Tobacco

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Order You Black Tobacco E-Liquid Now!

Remember liquorice papers mixed in with your favourite rolling baccy? Well our black tobacco e-liquid is a liquorice-infused complex tobacco blend which really takes you to another place. One forgets how good these flavours work with each other particularly when they are mixed in the perfect combination of VG/PG. Each draw immerses you in thick clouds of aromatic vapour and once you start you just cannot stop. The uniqueness is that the flavours are clearly defined; you first get a distinct tobacco flavour followed by a lovely liquorice aftertaste which stays in the mouth for a short while after your last puff. This particular black tobacco e-liquid blend has been formulated to a certain viscosity to improve the life of your tank and as with all of our e-liquids it is compatible in any brand of e-cigarette.

Head on over to our menthol section if you’re not keen on tobacco.

Contains trans-anethole, 1-(2,6,6-trimethylcyclohexa-1,3-dienyl)-2-buten-1-one which may cause an allergic reaction.

This Is Why We Believe You Should Give LiQuid A Go

  • We are a proper operation - the e liquids are manufactured in an ISO accredited clean room in Great Britain
  • We don’t scrimp in order to save - we only use the best ingredients and flavours
  • We only use EP/USP Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine
  • Our bottles are childproof and tamper-evident, and our labels are fully CLP compliant
  • All ingredients have traceability 
  • We have full batch control & we also batch test regularly
  • For just £1 it’s not a huge risk to give it a try
  • Quality is most important to us

We know it is an incredible price, but the quality is the same as any other UK e-liquid.  This is how we do this:

  • We have never been a greedy company
  • All raw ingredients are bought in bulk for less, so we pass this discount on to you
  • Our speedy machines make 50,000 bottles per day so we pay less on labour and the quality is always the same
  • We just want to convert every smoker and vaper to use LiQuid because they like it’s high quality and taste

Our Strength Guide

Out of all the UK brands, we were the first to change the PG/VG ratios in line with Nicotine Strength. It was clear that vapers liked a strong throat hit and others preferred a lot of vapour with a mild throat hit.  The information below gives you an idea as to how to choose an e-liquid strength that you will like and don’t forget - PG is what provides the throat hit and VG is what provides the vapour.

  • 18mg/ml - 60(PG) / 40(VG) - good throat hit with decent vapour.
  • 12mg/ml - 50(PG) / 50(VG) - average throat hit with excellent vapour.
  • 6mg/ml - 45(PG) / 55(VG) - mild throat hit with excellent vapour.
  • 3mg/ml - 40 (PG) / 60 (VG) - mild throat hit with huge vapour.
  • 0mg/ml - 40(PG) / 60(VG) - no throat hit but has a huge vapour.


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