Top 10 E-liquid Flavours You Need To Try

Top 10 E-liquid Flavours You Need To Try Oliver Norman

Top 10 E-liquid Flavours You Need To Try

Whether you’re a long time vaper or are just starting out on your vaping journey, the new year is always a great opportunity to try something new. We’ve put together this great list of the best e-liquid flavours to try in 2021, as chosen by LiQuid customers, to give you some ideas of where to start. Explore the huge range of LiQuid flavours to experience our best-selling e-liquid flavours in the UK and discover your new favourite. Whether you like traditional tobacco e-liquids, fancy trying something sweet and fruity or favour menthol flavours, we’ve got unique e-juice blends to suit all tastes.

1. Double Menthol 

By doubling our classic Menthol recipe, we’ve created a super minty e-liquid with an enjoyable kick for vapers who love minty fresh clouds. Perfectly balancing sweet and strong menthol with a delicious twist of peppermint, Double Menthol is consistently one of our most popular e-liquid flavours in the UK.

2. British Tobacco 

LiQuid’s British Tobacco flavour e-liquid has been carefully refined in our UK lab. A delicately balanced blend of light and dark tobacco notes, this e-liquid provides a bold flavour that is smooth across all nicotine strengths, making it an ideal all-day vape liquid.

3. Heizen 

Heizen is a sweet and fruity flavour that is always in our top sellers lists. Combining a wonderful balance of fruity blue raspberry and white grape on the inhale with a crisp, cooling burst of menthol on the exhale, Heizen is a unique and tantalising vape liquid flavour.

4. Black Ice Menthol 

This enjoyable twist on a classic menthol flavour blends sharp, juicy blackcurrant tones with cool, refreshing menthol. A must try for any fans of fruity flavours who also love an icy-cool hit of mint.

5. Blackcurrant 

Blackcurrant is always a top e-liquid flavour. Our take on the classic perfectly balances the sweet and tangy blackcurrant flavours to create a reliably enjoyable vaping experience that our customers keep coming back for.

6. Virginia Tobacco

If you used to be a smoker of rolling tobacco, our Virginia Tobacco e-liquid could make vaping more familiar and easy for you. Carefully blended to produce a distinctive flavour, this e-liquid will keep you smiling with satisfaction all day long.

7. Blueberry 

With a tantalisingly authentic Blueberry aroma, this e-liquid is great for vaping on clear, sunny mornings. With the sweet and fruity ripeness of this vape liquid flavour, it’s an essential for any fans of fruit flavour vaping.

8. Raspberry 

A sweet and Summery flavour that will help get you through the cold Winter months. Our dedicated flavourists spent close to a month perfecting our Raspberry e-liquid flavour, so that the taste is natural, smooth and satisfying.

9. Mint Blast 

Mint Blast provides a sweeter option than other menthol e-liquid flavours. Refreshing, palette cleansing and a customer favourite, this is a great choice for vapers who want a minty flavour that isn’t over the top but still hits the spot.

10. RY4

Based on the popular product originally created for the Ruyan Group, LiQuid's RY4 flavour blends familiar tobacco with sweet caramel and a hint of vanilla. This is a popular option for vapers who enjoy tobacco vape liquid flavours, but are ready to try something with a bit of extra sweetness.

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