Top 10 Nic Salt Bar Juice Flavours You Need To Try

Top 10 Nic Salt Bar Juice Flavours You Need To Try James Drake

disposable vape style e-liquid flavours you need to try

Disposable Vapes have been popular in the UK consumer market for a long time, and the driving factor behind why people use them so much is because of the deliciously tempting flavours of the vape juice used.

If you’ve been using Disposable Vapes for a while, you may have realised that they are not a cost-effective way to vape.

Nor are they sustainable for the environment either with millions being dumped into landfill each month here in the UK due to them not being able to be recycled which is fuelling calls for Disposables to be banned in the UK.

Bar Juices are the same great disposable vape flavours but available in 10ml bottles which can be paired with refillable vape device to give an authentic disposable vape like experience, just in a cheaper and environmentally friendly way!

1 – LiQuid Bar Salts – Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum Ice

strawberry watermelon bubblegum bar juice

Heading up this list in the top spot is arguably the best flavour in our own range of disposable vape flavours and that is Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum Ice Bar Salts!

An incredible nic salt vape juice has been produced by the flavour experts here at LiQuid, and this is just like the flavours seen in popular branded Disposable Vapes but now also in the LiQuid Bar Salts range.

Candied strawberry and watermelon flavours dominate on the inhale, and then a rich and nostalgic bubblegum flavour comes through on the exhale with a subtle and smooth icy blast as well to make this e liquid a real home run for flavour!

Available in 3 different nicotine strengths, 5mg, 10mg or 20mg, these tapered nicotine strengths are suited for your individual needs so you can enjoy a smooth nicotine hit with the 5mg, or a nice strong punchy kick if you opt for 20mg!

2 – ElfLiq Disposable Vape Flavour Nic Salts – Pineapple Mango Orange

Elfliq pineapple Orange Mango bar juice

Coming in a close second is a pick from the incredible ElfLiq vape juice which is a range of disposable vape flavours available in 10ml bottles that are the same as the ones used in Elf Bar Disposable Vapes.

ElfLiq Pineapple Mango and Orange gives a fantastic rich and exotic fruity flavour experience with a triple threat of juicy pineapple and orange flavours alongside fresh and ripe Mango to really set your tastebuds alight.

Available in either 10mg or 20mg, this gives you the option to choose a nicotine strength that’s suited for you, and also convenient if you’re wanting to use a lower nicotine strength compared to Elf Bar Disposables as these are commonly only sold in a 20mg nicotine strength.

3 – LiQuid Bar Salts – Blueberry Sour Raspberry Ice

blueberry sour raspberry ice bar juice

If you like sweet fruity flavours with a sour and icy blast, look no further than our third-place pick on this list!

LiQuid Bar Salts Blueberry Sour Raspberry Ice hits the nail on the head when it comes to flavour. Natural and fruity blueberry flavour holds precedent and has a subtle sour raspberry after taste alongside an icy kick on the exhale, it’s a classic and one of the most popular from the range!

You can buy 15 bottles of the LiQuid Bar Salts range for just £20, giving you 150ml of vape juice for the same price of 4 Disposable Vapes which only contain around 8ml of nicotine salt e liquid combined!

4 – SKE Crystal Nic Salts – Lemon & Lime

ske lemon lime bar juice

A first entry onto the list for SKE and not the only one either! SKE Crystal Nic Salts are 10ml bottles of the most popular flavours used in SKE Crystal Bar Disposables.

SKE Crystal Lemon and Lime is a perfect citrus blend of lemon and lime flavours mixed that make an amazing e liquid that will leave your tastebuds tingling and your mouth watering!

Pair this incredible nicotine salt e liquid with a refillable vape device such as the Vaporesso Xros 3 Mini to get a real Disposable like vaping experience at a fraction of the cost of using Disposable vapes!

5 – MaryLiq Disposable Vape Flavour Nicotine Salts – Tropical Island

maryliq tropical island bar juice

Maryliq is the 10ml nicotine salt vape juice range from the makers of Lost Mary BM600 Disposable Vapes, and they’ve picked out the top selling flavours of their Disposables to make this range!

MaryLiq Tropical Island is the standout for us in this range as the sheer volume of flavours used to make this e liquid is nothing short of incredible and it’s hard to believe how they managed to get it all in!

Mango, Pineapple, Peach, Coconut, Melon, Cherry and Lemon are all combined to make a tantalising exotic flavour experience with every vape you have.

Available in 20mg nicotine strength, this is the same strength used in Lost Mary Disposables, so pair this with a refillable vaping device like those we have on offer here at LiQuid to get a true replicant experience of Disposable Vaping.

6 – ElfLiq Disposable Vape Flavour Nic Salts – Cotton Candy Ice

elfliq cotton candy ice bar juice

It’s one of the top selling Elf Bar Disposable Vape flavours so it comes as no surprise that it gains entry on to this top 10 list!

ElfLiq Cotton Candy Ice is a delectably sweet but smooth tasting Cotton Candy flavour that will give you that sweet treat you might be craving, and it has a subtle icy undertone to it as well on the exhale to really make this a complete all-rounder vape e liquid.

Choose from two different nicotine strengths, either 10mg or 20mg to suit your individual needs and enjoy a full-on flavour journey courtesy of ElfLiq!

7 – LiQuid Bar Salts – Blueberry Bubblegum

blueberry bubblegum bar juice

If you’re a fan of natural fruity flavours with a nostalgic tasting twist, then this vape juice is for you!

LiQuid Bar Salts Blueberry Bubblegum hits the mark with every vape of it you have. A perfect mixture of natural blueberry flavour dominates but is then challenged by a sweet candied nostalgic bubblegum flavour to really make this vape juice one you’ll find hard to put down and just keep coming back to!

8 – LiQuid Bar Salts – Kiwi Passion Guava Ice

kiwi passionfruit guava ice bar juice

A triple threat of exotic flavours is combined in one 10ml bottle to make an incredible tasting nicotine salt e liquid!

LiQuid Bar Salts Kiwi Passion Guava Ice is an evenly balanced mix of Kiwi, Passionfruit and Guava flavours blended together with an icy blast which is proving to be a massive hit with our customers and one of the best-selling flavours in the range!

You can pair this with a refillable pod system vape device to get an authentic disposable vape flavour experience, but at a considerably cheaper cost compared to using just Disposable Vapes!

9 – SKE Crystal Nic Salts – Pink Lemonade

ske pink lemonade bar juice

Another great flavour from the SKE Crystal Original nic salt range takes 9th place on our list!

SKE Crystal Pink Lemonade is a refreshing fizzy lemonade flavour combined with mixed berries and shook together to make an exceptionally delicious vape juice flavour!

If you love using Crystal Bar Disposables, you’re sure to love this flavour. And it pairs perfectly with a refillable vape device like the Innokin Kylpse. These are also available on a multi-buy deal where you can get 3 bottles for just £10!

10 – MaryLiq Disposable Vape Flavour Nicotine Salts – Citrus Sunrise

maryliq citrus sunrise bar juice

Rounding off the list is another superb and unique flavour from the makers of Lost Mary BM600 Disposables!

Maryliq Citrus Sunrise is an incredible trio of exotic fruity flavours combined to make one great tasting vape juice. Rich and bold strawberry, pineapple and orange flavours are packed into every bottle to give your taste buds a tingle with a sharp citrus flavour mixture concoction!

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