Can You Change A Vape Coil With Juice In It?

Can You Change A Vape Coil With Juice In It? Oliver Norman

change coil with juice in

Vape coil maintenance is one of the biggest chores facing most vapers on their journey. While there are some universal principals, the way coils fit, are installed, and when/how they need to be changed can all vary massively between different vape kits.

If you’re reading this as a complete vaping novice, then we’d recommend heading over to our blog area and giving our guide, How to Vape Properly, a read – in there you’ll be able to brush-up on all the basics from working out what your coil is made from, how ohm ratings work, and how to pair the right e-liquid with the right device.

We’ve got a bunch of other handy guides too which can teach you about why your vape crackles, and how long your vape coils should be lasting.

In this blog however we want to help you answer the question – can I change my vape coil while there is still juice in it? So, let’s get to it –

Changing a Coil with Juice Still Absorbed

Firstly, you need to consider what you actually mean when you say “juice in it”. If you are attempting to change a coil that still has some residual vape juice absorbed into it, this will not be a problem.

In fact, unless you happen to have the most accurate efficient vape kit on the planet, you will almost always have some juice soaked into the coil when it’s time to change it.

The process here will be to simply follow your normal coil replacement steps for whatever kit you are using – as we said, swapping coils can differ a lot between different brands like Innokin or Aspire. Some will need you to take an open-system tank apart to get inside, others may just have pods with built-in coils like the Klypse pod system. The latter are easy because you change the whole pod rather than faff with internals.

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Always take care to avoid getting excessive vape juice on your hands as it can sometimes cause a reaction, but don’t worry if the coil isn’t bone-dry, it’s perfectly safe to change. If you want a device that reduces the risk of contact with juice even more, try the EDGE Pro which has rapid release coils despite being an open system tank, meaning you don’t need to take it all apart and risk a spill to maintain it!

Changing a Coil with Juice Still in the Tank/Pod

A damp coil is one thing, but a full tank of juice makes changing coils a lot more challenging. In reality, most vape tanks are not designed to have the coil removed while they are filled – many coils have silicone O-rings installed to ensure e-liquid cannot seep into the airflow channels beneath it and corrupt the electrical contact points.

If you remove a coil in a full tank, effectively breaking those seals, then e-liquid will flood your devices airflow channels. Depending on the design of the kit, this could be an absolute nightmare to correct, as it is almost impossible to fully clean out narrow internal air passages.

Because vape liquid is thicker than water, it will not simply ‘blow’ out either, which can potentially mean when you inhale on the device in future it will gurgle and maybe even spit residual juice into your mouth!

This does not mean however that changing a coil in a full tank is always a no-no. You just need to observe the design. Some kits have top-mounted coils which can be quickly slid in and out without causing a major leak – however these are few and far between, and sometimes rely on you being quicker than the thick juice, which isn’t a dice we recommend rolling.

If you are using a disposable vape pod device like the EDGE GO this isn’t an issue at all, as the coil is built into a pre-filled pod, so you just throw the old cartridge away in one go, regardless of how full it is, and pop a new one into the battery.

Refillable pods are often almost as simple, and even if they are full of juice, you can usually throw the pod away in one go and install a new one like with the Vaporesso XROS 3.

How To Change A Coil With Juice in it

Ultimately, if you have an open-system tank device we always recommend draining it before swapping the coil, preferably removing it from the battery if the design of your kit allows it.

By doing this you will simply avoid any of the pitfalls we’ve discussed – nobody wants a sticky, flooded out device that spits little reminders of the flavour you used to have in there into your mouth!

You can drain a device by opening up the filling port and tipping it away into a bin – try to avoid putting it down a drain as chemicals can erode your plastic pipes over time and harm the environment. If easier, and the tank is detachable, just hold it over some paper towels and pop the old coil out – you will likely find the contents of the tank will flow out too, making it quicker and easier than shaking it back out of the filling port.

If you are lucky enough to have a pod device using built in coils, then you will have a much simpler time, likely only having to discard an old pod and load in a new one following the instructions provided in the devices box.

If you need any vape liquids or coils, or even a new kitsave yourself time, effort and some pennies with a LiQuid Subscription, or by registering for our Loyalty Scheme!

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