Why Does My Vape Crackle?

Why Does My Vape Crackle? Oliver Norman

Why Does My Vape Crackle?

When your new to vaping it can come as quite a surprise just how ‘vocal’ your new e-cigarette can be. Throughout your use of the device you might here a whole range of sounds from crackling and popping to whooshing and hissing.

Firstly, don’t panic – it’s perfectly normal for your vaping device to make some noises. With that said, getting to know the normal noises will help you spot when they have changed, helping you to identify when and where there could be a problem.

What causes vape crackling and popping?

With no rice crispies in sight, you might be wondering why you can hear snap, crackle and pop coming from your vape kit. The short answer is – your coil.

We’ve got lots of helpful blogs about coils you can explore, including how to tell when your coil needs changing and how long your vape coil should last. Not to mention a whole guide helping you to pair the best devices and liquid to get the best experience and teach you how to vape properly.

With crackling etc however, the main thing is to remember you are using an electrical device that is working quite hard as you use it. As you inhale, vape juice is puled into the atomiser head (coil) where it absorbs into the wicking material. The metal coil wrapped around it is also heating up as you activate the device. this action vaporises the liquid into an aerosol that you can inhale.

Much like dropping cold water onto a very hot surface, the e-liquid crackles and pops a little as it is heated up – don’t forget coils are producing temperatures way above 100 degrees Celsius, so it’s not surprising there is an audible reaction.

This effect is more noticeable when your coil is newer, this crackling is just a sign that the coil is working well and performing efficiently. If you notice that crackle turns to a gurgle, then you coil may have flooded indicating it’s time to swap for a fresh one.

Close up image of vaping coil burning

Do different e-liquids make different sounds?

The answer is yes! The difference is all down to the ratio of PG to VG in the e-liquid. You can learn more about the ingredients in e-liquids here, but the main thing to know here is that thicker e-liquids make less sharp sounds.

The increased amount of thick Vegetable Glycerol (VG) in high-VG juices and shortfills can dampen the sound made when it is atomised by your coil. Thinner 50-50 e-liquid  by comparison can be prone to being louder when it crackles.

Ultimately the sounds will be very similar, the thick stuff might just be a little more muffled.

Will more watts make my vape louder?

Absolutely – the higher the power, the louder your vape will be.

Big sub-ohm devices with a high power output will almost always crackle and pop instantaneously as the coil heats up much faster in these kits. As you tend to draw shorter puffs on these beasts however, the noise will naturally last for less time.

Gurgling and spitting noises are commonly linked to wattage, with too little power making it sound like your coil is underwater as it struggles to heat up the thick high-vg juice. Keeping pulling with too little power can flood the coil altogether as the excess juice doesn’t evaporate, meaning it’s all gurgles until you replace it.

Can coil type impact the noises made when vaping?

Again, yes it can – there are lots of different coil designs out there and the nuances between them can result in different noises when you vape.

Mesh coils or similar designs generally have a larger surface area of metal which heats up. While these coils are more efficient, they can also make louder noises as they function. The good news is that while a little louder than some, these coils deliver much better flavour and vapour!

Remember again that new coils are louder, and once bedded in they should become a bit more muted and uniform in the noises they make.

What actually causes the noises when vaping?

There are simple explanations behind almost every noise you should hear from a healthy vape:

  • We’ve already explored how the e-liquid being vapourised by the hot coil creates crackling and popping noises.
  • Whooshing noises are actually your fault – it’s the sound of the air you inhale through the narrow airflow channels in the device, pulling the liquid into the coil system. The wider and more open your airflow setup, the louder the whoosh can be.

Man vaping

How can I tell if a sound from my vape is bad?

A healthy e-cig should sound:

  • Crisp and clear, with a clean whoosh as you inhale and gentle uniform crackling and popping during use. This indicates your air channel is clear, and the coil is not over-saturated, flooded or not performing properly.

By comparison, keep an ear out for:

  • Gurgling or bubbling sounds – this can indicate that the coil is not working properly and has flooded, or that your airflow is obstructed by liquid or other debris from your pocket or bag. It may also mean your power settings are not correct, so double check your setup against the manufacturers recommended settings.

Can I make my e-cig quieter?

Actually yes, there are some simple steps you can take to help reduce the noise your e-cig makes:

  • Dropping the power a little can reduce the heat and therefore crackles and pops – just don’t drop it too low or you’ll hear gurgling!
  • Use a coil with a higher ohm rating will often reduce the noise they make – not all e-liquids and devices will support this option however.
  • Taking shorter puffs will also reduce the work your device is having to do, and therefore reduces the noises it makes.

We hope that helps give you some peace of mind that your vape isn’t about to explode – some noises are perfectly normal, and now you have the information you need to know what sounds normal vs what might sound like trouble!

If you have the perfect setup in mind, then get it with a LiQuid Subscription so you won’t have to worry about ordering the wrong coil and having an earful from your device.

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