How Long Does A Vape Pod Last?

How Long Does A Vape Pod Last? Oliver Norman

How Long Does A Vape Pod Last?

Pod vaping has taken over the mainstream, with open tank devices becoming more of a holdout favoured by hobbyists or those who simply prefer to stick to what they know.

This is not to detract from open system tanks however, there are plenty out there that still hold their own like the EDGE Pro which has enough interesting twists (like rapid release coils) to keep it relevant for many of our customers.

Pod vapes however offer an enhanced level of convenience that has resonated with vapers of all kinds, from beginners to veterans. Rather than having many moving parts that must be de-constructed and reassembled for maintenance – the biggest change being the replacement of a tank with a pod.

What is a Pod Vape?

Pod vapes take the e-cigarette formula and simplify it; they still have a battery, but instead of having a built-in or screw-on tank, they utilise a cartridge called a pod.

These pods often have coils built into them, which means when the coil eventually fails, as they all do (learn more about coil lifespan here), rather than having to open up a tank to replace the coil then building it back up, in most cases, such as with the Innokin Klypse, you can just throw the whole pod away, and pop a fresh one with a new intrinsic coil onto your battery.

This simplified process reduces effort and mess for the user, albeit being a little more wasteful than devices that only require an individual coil be discarded. The latter downside has been addressed by pod vapes like the Aspire Flexus Q, which allows you to re-use the pod for a lot longer as it uses push-fit coils that can be removed.

How Long Does a Vape Pod last?

A typical vape pod with a built-in coil can last from 7-14 days on average – although this depends on the amount you vape and the type of liquid you choose to use. Sweeter liquids and those with artificial colours tend to burn through coils a lot faster than simple blends like menthol.

Some pod devices like the Vaporesso Xros 3, utilise unique technology to maximise coil/pod lifespan. Xros pods use a system called COREX which is a heating matrix designed to optimise performance through even heat distribution when you fire up the device to inhale. The end result being a pod/coil combo that is supposed to last a whopping 20 days - very fancy, we know!

Aspire’s Flexus Pods on the other hand have removable coils as we mentioned above. Kits like this, and there are a few out there, effectively extend the life of the pod indefinitely, as much like modular tanks you can rinse out the pod once the coil is removed to clean it out ready for a new flavour. SO really the only limitation here is whether you feel it’s time for a new pod shell, as otherwise you can just keep popping in new coils.

How to Make Your Vape Pod Last Longer

While all the fancy tech in the world will help your coil and pod last a little longer than some others, the device you choose is just one factor in getting the most form your pods.

There are a few important things to bear in mind as you go about your vaping journey which can help squeeze some extra life out of your coils:

  • Make sure you use high-VG vape juice for sub-ohm coils, and 50-50 vape juice/Nic Salts for those rated 1.0ohm or above. While not a hard and fast rule in every situation, this is a solid way to reduce the risk of dry burn, which will ruin your coil before it’s time.
  • If your device has variable wattage, make sure to keep it within the safe limits of your chosen pod/coil. There is usually a safe range written on the coil itself (like the Aspire Nautilus X 1.8ohm coil which tells you to stick between 12-16 watts), so check it out before you start puffing!
  • Make sure you store both your liquids and your device in a sensible location when you aren’t using them. Direct sunlight and extreme temperatures at both ends of the scale will make your e-liquid turn dark and can impact flavour and even nicotine distribution – not good! If the liquid turns brown while in your pod it can corrupt the coil and leave a nasty taste that just won’t budge, even if the coil itself is fine – so be careful!
  • Get you pods and coils on a subscription – we know this isn’t actually going to do much to extend their lifespan, but by setting up a subscription with us, you can save money and time, which means even if the worst should happen and you burn a coil, then it’s not hitting your pocket quite as hard and you'll have a backup in the post when you need it!

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