LiQuid - Top 10 Nicotine Free Vape Juices

The Top 10 Nicotine Free Vape Juices for 2024

In our series of blogs regarding nicotine free vaping, we have already discussed what The Best Vape Kit for Nicotine Free Vaping is, as well as discussing Everything You Need To Know About Nicotine Free Vaping and now we look at the top 10 nicotine free vape juices available here at LiQuid.

Read on to find out what we feel are the top 10 flavours available to buy here at LiQuid in 0mg nicotine strength, but remember we have plenty more choices available than just these 10 we have listed!

LiQuid Very Berry HVG Info Snapshot

Very Berry HVG 10ml

If you're looking for a vape juice that is packed full of flavour of rich and delicious fruity berries, look no further than our Very Berry flavour!
Available in High VG (70/30 ratio) this vape juice is perfect to use with any vape device which has a lower ohm resistance coil capable of RDTL or DTL vaping. 

  • Pair this vape juice with the VOOPOO Drag E60 for big clouds and even bigger flavour!
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British Tobacco 50/50 10ml

One of our best selling vape juice flavours here at LiQuid in all nicotine strengths, and now available in 0mg! 

A flavoursome and rich tobacco flavour that our customers love and keep coming back for more every time!

  • Pair this e-liquid with the Aspire Gotek X for the perfect mouth to lung vaping experience
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LiQuid British Tobacco Info Snapshot
LiQuid Forest Fruits Shortfill Info Snapshot

Forest Fruits HVG 50ml Shortfill

We have recently reintroduced 50ml shortfills back to our catalogue and they have been a hit with our customers!
Forest Fruits is a flavoursome mix of berries which will leave you wanting more after every single puff!

  • As this vape juice is high VG, we would recommend pairing this with the Aspire Zelos 3 for a great flavoursome vape experience!
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Double Menthol 50/50 10ml

This is the best selling vape juice flavour here at LiQuid and we are proud to offer it in 0mg nicotine strength so that you can enjoy the great flavour of Double Menthol if you're wanting to try nicotine free vaping!

  • Pair this vape juice with the Aspire R1 for a discreet vaping experience!
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LiQuid Double Menthol Info Snapshot
LiQuid Heizen HVG Info Snapshot

Heizen HVG 10ml

One of the best selling and popular vape juice flavours for almost a decade, and we've put our own spin on it to make it even better than it already was! A perfect blend of berries, menthol and a hint of aniseed, Heizen is a flavour that never misses when it comes to flavour!

  • This vape juice pairs perfectly with the Vaporesso Xros Pro for a flavoursome vaping experience without nicotine!
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Watermelon Ice 100ml Shortfill

Rich tropical flavours await with Watermelon Ice from our Bar Salts 100ml range! These shortfills differ from our 50ml shortfills as they are mixed at a 50/50 VGPG ratio, which is perfect for mouth to lung vaping. Bar Salts shortfills have been made using double concentrate flavourings to ensure they leave your tastebuds satisfied after every vape! 

  • We would recommend using the Wenax Q with the 0.6ohm coil pod for a flavoursome RDTL vape experience.
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LiQuid Watermelon Ice Shortfill Info Snapshot
LiQuid Mango Info Snapshot

Mango 50/50 10ml

If you're a fan of tropical fruit flavours, we would recommend trying out our Mango flavour from our Original £1 range. A deliciously fruity flavour which will leave your tastebuds tingling after every vape.

  • Pair this Mango flavour e-liquid with the Voopoo Doric Q for a great MTL vaping experience!
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Cherry Raspberry Menthol 50ml Shortfill

Another one of our most popular flavours from our 50ml shortfill range is the perfect pairing of Cherry and Raspberry mixed together with a hint of menthol. This flavour is exclusive to our High VG ranges available in 50ml shortfill as well as 10ml bottles and both are 0mg!

  • As this vape juice is HVG, we would recommend using a device such as the Smok Nord 5 to get the most flavour and some serious clouds when you vape!
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LiQuid Cherry Raspberry Menthol Info Snapshot
LiQuid Pear Drops Info Snapshot

Pear Drops HVG 10ml

A sweet shop classic now replicated in vape juice form, and in our High VG range which means you'll get big flavour as well as good cloud production too, all whilst enjoying the 0mg nicotine strength that this flavour is available in!

  • This vape juice is made for coils with a 0.6ohm resistance or lower, and the Innokin Coolfire Z60 has both 0.6ohm and 0.3ohm coils available for sub ohm vaping.
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Pink Lemonade 50/50 100ml Shortfill

Rounding off our top 10 list is arguably the most refreshing flavour of them all and that is our Bar Salts Pink Lemonade! As this is from our Bar Salts range, this has been carefully created using double concentrated flavours to produce one of the best tasting e-liquids on our site!

  • 100ml of vape juice should last you a while, and if you're looking for a vape device where the battery will last a while too, look no further than the Voopoo Argus P2!
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LiQuid Pink Lemonade Shortfill Info Snapshot