Refillable pod vape kits are normally small and discreet in size and offer a simplistic approach to vaping. Most of the refillable pods will already have coils preinstalled in the pods, meaning all you have to do is refill it with your favourite vape juice, and dispose of the whole pod when the coil burns out, rather than getting your hands messy with changing coils. 

Refillable pods pair perfectly with nicotine salt vape juice to get a supreme vaping experience every time! 

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Refillable Pod Vape Kit FAQs

How Do I Fill My Pod With Vape Juice?

Most of the pod vapes on the market today differ from one another when it comes to how to fill the pods up with vape juice. Some will have a rubber bung on the side of the pod which you can pop out and fill up with vape juice. Other pods will have a top fill hole which is normally covered by the removeable mouthpiece. And others will fill from the bottom of the pod which is sealed by a removeable rubber bung. 

How Long Do The Pods Last For?

How long a pod lasts comes down to several different factors which can affect the coil life. What type of vape juice is used plays a key role in determining how long a pod will last for. Sweeter vape juices are notorious for affecting coil life and can lead to them not lasting as long. Also how frequently you use your pod vape as well will play a part. If you're a frequent vaper, the coil will be used a lot more which can lead to it lasting less time than if you used it less frequently for example.

Will I Need To Change Coils In My Vape Pod?

Most of the pod kits that we sell here at LiQuid uses replacement pods which are sealed and already have the coils preinstalled inside of them, meaning you just replace the whole pod rather than a coil. Although there are some devices which use replacement coils that just push and pull out of the pods.

Which Vape Juice Can I Use With My Pods?

We would recommend using a vape juice which has a 50-50 VG/PG ratio. This is so you'll get an authentic mouth to lung vaping experience. You can use either Freebase nicotine vape juice, or our recommendation would be Nicotine Salt e-liquids, such as our Bar Salts vape juice range. 

Some pods will come with a coil that is lower ohm such as 0.4 or 0.6ohm, and with these pods you can use High VG vape juice for a Restricted Direct to Lung vape experience.