Discover our selection of vape kits that have adjustable wattage features. This is perfect if you're looking to fine tune your inhaling experience. Whether you want a closed airflow for  a tighter mouth to lung draw that will provide a punch throat hit, or an open airflow for maximum flavour and enhanced vape cloud production, these kits are designed to give you full customisation for your vaping experience.

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Adjustable Airflow FAQs

What Is Airflow on a Vape?

Airflow relates to the amount of air which can pass through the openings on your vape device or vape tank while you inhale. The large majority of vape kits today will have adjustable airflow as a feature and all of the devices listed in this category have adjustable airflow.

Why Is It Important?

Having the ability to adjust your airflow on your vape device gives you full access to improving your vape devices performance as well as being able to tailor your vaping experience to exactly how you want it. 

Why Should I Adjust My Airflow?

Adjusting your airflow on your vape device can change your vaping experience drastically, and in a good way also. If you're looking for a tighter draw to create a punchier throat hit, much like what you'd get from cigarettes, you can adjust it so that minimal air is entering into your coil essentially restricting it to get a throat hit. And on the contrary, you can have your airflow all the way open if you wanted to which will ultimately produce more vapour clouds as more air will be getting to the coil. 

How Do I Adjust My Airflow?

The way that you adjust your airflow does vary from device to device. There will be 2/3/4 holes on your device or tank and most commonly it's a sliding pin which you can move up and down to open or close your airflow. Alternatively there may be a ring around your vape tank, which you can move around to open or close your airflow.

What Are The Benefits of Adjustable Airflow?

Having your airflow all the way open will provide more air to the coil, meaning it won't heat up as intensely, thus giving you a little bit longer on your coils life. Open airflow can also create more flavour and bigger vape cloud production too. 

Having a restricted airflow can give a tighter draw and more cigarette-like draw with the throat hit and minimal amount of vapour production, which is perfect if you've recently quit smoking and looking to replicate that feeling. 

Adjustable airflow overall is a great benefit to a vape device as you can customise your vaping experience to ensure that you are happy.