If you're looking for a simple and easy-to-use vape kit that doesn't involve any buttons or over-complicated settings and features, then you're in the right place. These devices are very similar to disposable vapes where you just simply inhale and you will get a smooth and flavoursome vaping experience. 

These devices are perfect for beginners or even more seasoned vapers who are looking for a simplistic vape device. Pair these devices with any of our disposable vape flavour nic salt e-liquids to get a disposable vape like experience, in a more cost-effective way!

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Inhale Activated Vape Kit FAQs

What Does Inhale Activated Mean?

Inhale activated means that the coil can be activated to heat up your vape juice when you inhale without the need to push any buttons. 

Are Inhale Activated Devices Like Disposables?

Yes they are! Standard disposable vapes are all inhale activated, so if you've been using these devices and are looking for an alternative to get ahead of the impending disposable vape ban, these are the kits for you!

Can I Use The Power Button On Devices Which Have Them? 

You certainly can. Some of our devices in this collection are dual feature, which means they are not only inhale/draw activated, they also have a power button which you can opt to press. Or just simply inhale for the device to activate.

Do These Kits Replicate The Sensation of Smoking?

Inhale activated kits are appealing to people who have recently quit smoking and want to replicate the same feeling/sensation that's achieved when smoking a cigarette. These inhale activated kits do just that, as you just place it in your mouth and inhale to produce the vapour and get the throat hit, just like how a cigarette feels but without the thousands of harmful chemicals!