Can You Use a Vape While Charging?

Can You Use a Vape While Charging? Oliver Norman

Can You Use a Vape While Charging?

It’s never ideal when your vape runs out of battery. It always seems to happen right when the cravings hit hardest – and many of us won’t have spares hanging around just in case – kudos to those of you that do, your humble author wishes he was a forward-thinking!

Thankfully most modern kits have a handy feature for just such a situation, although there are some do’s and don’ts to take note of.

Pass-Through Charging

Pass through charging is a feature that many modern vape kits now have, and if yours does, then you can use your vape whilst charging it; happy days!

The EDGE GO pod device is an example of a nifty little kit that has this feature, so if you get caught short you can plug it in and still have a puff (provided the cable is long enough).

If you want to know if your device has this feature, check out the packaging or manual – it’s almost always front-and-centre as brands like to boast about this bit of tech.

Vaping devices and batteries

Safety Frist!

Naturally while it is a great feature, you should always be safe – if you are aware of any defects or issues with your device that you have been ‘ignoring’ because it still ‘sort of works’ (we’ve all been there – no judgements here) Then it is wise to avoid taking advantage of pass-through charging. You don’t want there to be any kind of accident while the device is in your mouth.

We also do not recommend that you attempt to vape whilst charging any device that uses 18650 style or similar external batteries – these are best charged in a separate charge dock which are readily available online.

These cells are highly powered and the devices that use them often don’t have the built-in safety features you can find on vape kits with built-in batteries, such as overcharge protection and other safety cut-offs triggered by things like internal temperature.

For more information about safely charging your e-cigarette, check out our blog!

Be safe, and enjoy pass-through vaping your favourite vape juice safely!

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