The Top 10 Vape Liquids You Need To Try In 2024

The Top 10 Vape Liquids You Need To Try In 2024 James Drake

The Top 10 Vape Liquids You Need To Try In 2024

Whether you’re a vaping veteran, or someone who has decided to kick your smoking habit to the curb as part of a new years resolution, you might be seeking some inspiration for what the best vape flavours would be to try in 2024.

Trying out new vape flavours is one of the most exciting things when it comes to vaping and the amount of different vape juice flavours and brands available to try and buy on the market today is as fruitful as it’s ever been.

The sudden boom in popularity of disposable vapes over recent years has played a key part in the expansion of what vape flavours are available to buy with many of the big brands such as Elf Bar and Elux Legends now offering their disposable vape flavours in 10ml bottles to be used in refillable vape devices.

News broke recently that the UK government are enacting on a disposable vape ban in the UK, and it is speculated that this ban could happen within the next 12 months. 

Using a refillable vape with 10ml disposable vape flavours are the perfect alternative for disposable vapes, which is why we have compiled this top 10 list to help educate you on what other flavours are available on the market, as your favourite disposable vape flavour might be on here!

Surveys conducted by Action on Smoking and Health over the years have shown that fruit flavoured e liquid is the preferred flavour of choice amongst adult vapers. This has naturally progressed from tobacco or mint/menthol flavours being the most popular as more flavour options have become available to choose from.

We have compiled a top 10 list of e liquids you must try in 2024 and it features some fantastic brands of disposable vape flavours as well as our own range of incredible tasting nicotine salt vape juices!

#1 – Bar Salts Blueberry Sour Raspberry Ice

A delightful combination of sweet fruits on the inhale and a sour twist on the exhale, there’s a reason why Blueberry Sour Raspberry Ice is number one on this list!

Bar Salts is our own brand of nic salt e liquids inspired by the popular flavours of disposable vapes. They are made using premium raw materials to produce high quality, UK made vape juice which is proving to be a big hit with our customers!

Pair this flavour with a refillable vape device like the Aspire R1 for an authentic disposable vape like experience!

#2 – ElfLiq Watermelon

Watermelon is arguably the richest stand-alone fruit flavour in this incredible range of disposable vape flavours made by Elfliq.

Elfliq is the range of vape juices which are the same great flavours seen in Elf Bar disposable vapes, now available in 10ml bottles and in tapered nicotine strengths too!

Watermelon is a rich, candied watermelon flavour which will refresh your tastebuds and leave them craving for more after every vape.

#3 – Bar Juice 5000 Mr Blue

Mystery surrounds the name of Mr Blue, but once you hear the flavour profile, it may sound familiar and you’ll understand why it’s high up on our list!

Mixed berries combine with menthol and mint to give a familiar flavour that is hugely popular amongst vapers worldwide!

Bar Juice 5000 is a range of disposable vape flavours designed so that you’ll never have to count your puffs like you would with a disposable vape as you can pair this with a refillable pod vape such as the Aspire Gotek Pro to get a longer lasting vape!

#4 – MaryLiq Tropical Island

Close your eyes and take a vape of this incredible e liquid and your tastebuds will be whisked off to a Tropical Island!

Seven different exotic fruits combine in one 10ml bottle to create one of the fruitiest and flavoursome vape juices that we have on offer across all of our different ranges.

MaryLiq is the range of nic salt 10ml e liquids which are the same great flavours seen in Lost Mary BM600 disposable vapes. Now available at a more cost-effective price compared to consistently buying disposables.

#5 – IVG6000 Sourberry Fusion

A fusion of fruits with a sour twist awaits you!

Sourberry Fusion is an incredible mixture of berries paired with a sour twist to really make your tastebuds come alive!

Enjoy the same great flavours of IVG disposable vapes by pairing this with a refillable vape device like the Geekvape Sonder Q pod vape kit.

#6 – Bar Salts Menthol Mojito

Whilst fruit flavour vape juice is the most popular amongst adult vapers, mint/menthol flavours are not far behind on popularity and this flavour is proving to be a hit for all vapers!

Menthol Mojito is a blend of fresh mint and juicy lime with a menthol accompaniment makes this vape juice a real stand out from the other flavours in the range of Bar Salts.

A flavoursome and refreshing vape is guaranteed every time with this e liquid!

#7 – SKE Crystal Blue Fusion

One of the best-selling flavours of SKE Crystal Bar disposables now available in 10ml bottles and a staking it’s place on our top 10 list of flavours to try!

Blue Fusion is a delicious mix of blueberry, blackberry and raspberry combined in one bottle which is an absolute pleasure for your tastebuds to enjoy.

#8 – Bar Juice 5000 Cream Tobacco

If fruit flavours aren’t for you and you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to your vape juice flavours, then Bar Juice have you covered!

Cream Tobacco is an authentic tobacco flavour e liquid with a creamy aftertaste.

Combine this disposable vape flavour with a refillable vape kit like the Aspire Cyber X to get an authentic cigarette like experience with a smooth nicotine kick and rich tobacco flavour.

#9 – ElfLiq Strawberry Ice Cream

This flavour is refreshing whatever the weather and you don’t have to wait for a sunny day to enjoy it!

Strawberry Ice Cream is a delicious blend of fruity strawberries combined with an authentic creamy aftertaste and even has a subtle icy kick to accompany, it’s an absolute classic flavour and deserves it’s place on this list without a doubt!

#10 – Bar Salts Cotton Candy Ice

A taste of the fairground in vape juice form!

Cotton Candy Ice will give you all of the nostalgic feels as soon as you have a puff. Rich and sweet bubblegum flavour with a sweet twist to make it taste like you’re eating the real thing!

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