A Brief History of Vaping

A Brief History of Vaping Oliver Norman

What Is Vaping?

How was vaping invented?

When Hon Lik’s father died of lung cancer 2001, the Shenyang-based pharmacist believed that he could do more to prevent more deaths that resulted from smoking cigarettes. He recognised that many smokers did not necessarily enjoy the habit, but rather continued to smoke as a result of a strong chemical and habitual addiction that allowed them to relax during stressful situations. Lik believed that the available anti-smoking aids such as nicotine patches and chewing gum were relatively ineffective, providing small amounts of relief from the chemical addiction. However, they failed to compensate for the habitual act of using a cigarette and therefore missed the ‘hit’ that many smokers enjoyed. So, in this sense, the answer to ‘what is vaping?’ is that it’s similar to smoking, but much less harmful.

How does vaping work?

In 2003, Lik invented a prototype electronic cigarette using atomization to vaporize a liquid mixed with nicotine and flavouring (referred to as e-liquid), to allow smokers to continue the feeling of smoking a real cigarette – but without many of the dangerous effects associated with traditional smoking. Over the last 13 years, there have been many different designs and approaches to the production of e-cigarettes, but most devices today involve a battery-powered heating element to evaporate the e-liquid into a breathable vapour.

How personalised is the experience?

What is vaping to different people? Varied types of e-liquid offer a range of experiences for users, with differing levels of nicotine to satisfy cravings and in many cases help gradually reduce dependence. Meanwhile, diverse flavours help make the vaping experience more pleasant. The composition of e-liquid also varies based on the experience the user wishes to enjoy, with propylene glycol-based e-liquids providing a more enjoyable ‘hit’, while vegetable glycerine-based e-liquids provide a lesser hit, but with larger plumes of vapour with extra flavour, which has even led to official competitions between vapers who are able to perform complex patterns in the air through exhaling.

What is the future of vaping?

With their increased popularity, and e-cigarettes actively being used as smoking cessation devices as part of national health-care schemes across the world, the future of vaping is robust. With constantly improving technology and better designs being released each year, the devices become safer and more effective with each generation. Equally as safety regulations increase and the industry has become more heavily regulated, e-liquids themselves are held to ever-exacting standards meaning better and better quality products are available for you to enjoy, and of course at LiQuid, we only offer the very best, as industry-leaders in quality and affordability for over 7 years.

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