Collection: 2X Nic Salt E-Liquid With WholeNic

2X have created a variety of mouth-watering vape juice flavours, taking inspiration from other popular flavours and making their own unique flavours combined with WholeNic Nicotine resulting in the 2X Vape juice range. WholeNic has the full spectrum of tobacco alkaloids in cigarette-like proportions leaving the user satisfied and not craving more. We’ve created vape juice so good you’ll not want to use anything else!

2X Vape Juices are made in state of the art facilities based in Manchester, England. All raw materials are also sourced from within the UK, which helps keep costs down and prices low!

2X vape juices, use a patented WholeNic Nicotine Salt. Made using the full spectrum of Alkaloids found in tobacco, it gives an authentic Nicotine hit like you would expect from smoking a cigarette.

If you are looking for a different approach to traditional nic salt vape juice, the 2X range could be exactly what you need - explore the range below!

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Discover WholeNic Nic Salt E-Liquid with the 2X Vape Juice Collection

2X have created a concise range of delicious nic salt e-liquids using their patented WholeNic formula, which delivers a unique and satisfying experience vs traditional salt vapes - to learn more, explore the FAQs answered by the 2X team below!

What Is 2X Vape Juice?

2X Vape Juice is a premium brand of Nicotine Salt e-liquid designed to give you a full bodied flavour experience, as well as total satisfaction when it comes to curbing Nicotine cravings. They have created this range to ensure that after every vape you have of 2X Vape Juice, your tastebuds will be tingling and you’ll be more than satisfied every single time! Offering 6 different flavours in our range, inspiration has been taken from the popular flavours seen in Disposable Vapes, and created their own versions of them, in a much more cost effective way than buying Disposables, and also of much higher quality than the vape juice used in Disposables too!

Why Should You Choose 2X?

You might not have heard of our brand 2X before, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have experience! The team behind creating 2X Vape Juice has over a decade of experience in the vaping and flavour creating industry, so they absolutely know what they're talking about! 

What Are WholeNic Nicotine Salts?

WholeNic is a patented WholeNic Nicotine Salt solution that is used in all of our vape juices, giving a truely unique and authentic nicotine hit that is replicant of what you’d get from smoking a cigarette. WholeNic is made by using the full spectrum of Nicotine Alkaloids that are found in Tobacco leaves, meaning you will get the same amount of satisfaction just without the copious amounts of toxic chemicals, including tar and carbon monoxide which is found in cigarette smoke. 

What are Nic Salts Vape Juice?

Nicotine Salt is a different form of Nicotine, which uses Freebase Nicotine with a weak acid added to it as this neutralises the pH levels slightly, meaning a higher nicotine strength can be vaped without it being harsh on the throat when inhaling. It’s also faster absorbed into the bloodstream. All of the vape juices at 2X are made using their patented Nicotine called WholeNic which is like Nicotine Salt, but using the full spectrum of alkaloids found in a tobacco leaf.

What is WholeNic® Nicotine?

WholeNic® is a special form of nicotine that contains the full spectrum of nicotinic alkaloids found in tobacco, but without any of the nasty chemicals. WholeNic® provides everything in tobacco that gives smokers pleasure, providing cigarette like satisfaction without having to smoke one! With E-Liquid flavours ranging from Sweet Mint to Blueberry Raspberry Fizz, there's a flavour for you! Twice the flavour and twice the satisfaction as standard vape juice!

What vape device is best?

This is a question that can be tricky to find a definitive answer, but we can certainly give some recommendations! 

We would recommend a pod system device as the best device to use our 2X Nicotine Salts in. These devices work as a Mouth to Lung style vape. Using a Pod System means your device will not run at high power and give you a smooth yet punchy nicotine kick every time you use it. Nic Salts are not recommended to be used in Sub Ohm Mods.

Are 2X vape liquids TPD compliant?

Yes, absolutely they are! Safety and compliance is our top priority here at 2X Vape, and we ensure that everything we produce is rigorously tested prior to being released for sale to our customers.  Nothing is added to our vape juices that is not permitted according to the TPD legislations, and we test every single ingredient prior to it being used. On top of this, we also test all of our final products as well just to add another layer of safety and security on our vape juices!

Is 2X cheaper than Disposables?

Without a shadow of a doubt, making the choice to buy and use 2X Vape Juices will be a considerably cheaper option than buying constantly having to buy Disposable Vapes. With every Disposable, you get on average 2ml of vape juice in each unit, and they cost around £6 per device. 

Whereas choosing to buy 2X Vape juice, you get 10ml of UK made premium e-liquid for just £2.95, which is less than half the price of Disposables!