Vape Weddings Are Now a Thing

Vape Weddings Are Now a Thing Oliver Norman

Vape Weddings Are Now a Thing

Strap in for some hard hitting journalism – that’s right LiQuid folk, Social Media hasn’t lied to you; Vape Weddings are now a thing!

Vaping has certainly seen it’s fair share of crazes over the years. From vape trick competitions to DIYers competing to build the most insanely over-engineered giant mods you have ever seen! (seriously, some of them would need a battery backpack to fire up!).

This trend however is a little more romantic, or at least it might be if you don’t mind your iconic wedding snaps being obscured by clouds of vapour!

Happy couple vaping to each other on their wedding day

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something… JUUL??

Twitter and Reddit users have been posting photos showing newlyweds posing for official photos at their weddings with vapes in hand, exhaling clouds at each other like a bizarre mating ritual. There are now even vape-themed wedding planners, and guides for how best to vape for the camera at ceremonies.

The themes for the photos are largely the same as you would expect; picturesque fields and backdrops, loving couples, family and friends – only these revellers are often seen performing a 12-vape salute just as the shutter snaps.

We must admit, we would have to be a little proud to see some of our LiQuid Vape Juices making it into a couple’s ‘forever’ scrapbook – You’d have to be a happy customer to want your vape gear front and centre on your special day!

Vape wedding photos - Happy couples

The Vape Weddings Photos Have Polarised Opinions

Of course, with any trend online, opinions have been mixed. Vapers with some experience will already be quite used to the extreme views for and against e-cigarettes, and in this case wedding purists will probably shudder at the thought of spending all that money on a professional photographer just to receive an album filled with fog. (perhaps bigfoot would be a fan of vaping photography… it would certainly make him hard to spot!)

A Twitter user who goes by the name Berlin Katarina wrote: ‘I just saw on Facebook that VAPING WEDDING PHOTOS ARE A THING...Just posting these to ruin your day.’

Another Twitter user posted similar photos and added the caption: ‘So vaping in weddings seems to be a thing. Only in New Jersey.’

Despite the negative comments from some, many people have enjoyed the trend, which has gained momentum since 2019. One Twitter user posted four photos showing newlyweds vaping while posing for official wedding photos. The tweet generated more than 2,600 retweets and 8,300 likes.

Vaping cloud in the shape of a heart

What do you think about this trend? New-age romanticism, or a cloud too far? Here at LiQuid we say each to their own! If your expression of love is a fruity cloud of vapour then puff away!

If you’re reading this and thinking “hey, I actually like the sound of that for my wedding!” then trust us, you’ll find it a lot easier supplying your vaper guest-list for those crucial shots with a LiQuid Subscriptionit’ll even help you shave some of the cost off a typically expensive, albeit beautiful day.

Congratulations to the new couples, enjoy vaping happily ever after!

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