How To Make Your Vape Taste Like a Disposable

How To Make Your Vape Taste Like a Disposable James Drake

How To Make Your Vape Taste Like a Disposable

More and more UK vapers are looking for an alternative to dispsoable vapes. Whether they want to beat the potential ban being discussed in parliament, or simply move on to a more affordable or eco-freindly option, this guide will explain which products you can try to matc the smooth and flavourful experience offered by non-refillable vapes.

Step 1 – Pick A Disposable Vape Flavour E Liquid

The first step in getting your vape to taste like a disposable is to get your hands on a 10ml bottle of disposable vape flavour e-liquid. And as luck would have it…we’ve got plenty to choose from here!

Bar Salts is our range of nicotine salt vape juice inspired by the popular flavours of disposable vapes but made using the highest quality raw materials and creating a premium quality e liquid.

Not only do we stock our own brand of disposable vape flavours, but we also have a fantastic selection of 10ml nic salts made by the same brands of popular disposable vapes!

ElfLiq is the 10ml vape juice range by arguably the most popular brand of disposable vapes on the market today, Elf Bar. As well as this, their sister company Lost Mary offers their great and unique flavours in the form of MaryLiq 10ml Nic Salts!

We also stock SKE Crystal, IVG6000 and Elux Legends, all the big names and big flavours in the disposable vape world now available in 10ml bottles!

If you’ve been using disposables, or if you’ve seen the flavours and wanted to try one, browse our range to find a match to what you like, and this is the first step of making your vape taste like a disposable complete!

Step 2 – Pick The Correct Device for The Job

Finding the correct vape which can do the same job as a disposable and give a similar throat hit and flavour hit too can be hard but fear not as we’ve got some great recommendations for you from the devices that we have on offer here at LiQuid.

You aren’t going to need a device that’s high powered because disposable vapes aren’t. The battery is normally around 550mah which is why it doesn’t last too long before it runs out and you get the dreaded blinking light of doom.

We recommend getting a refillable pod vape as these offer a simple no fuss and no mess approach to vaping.

The coils are already pre-installed within the pods, so you don’t have to get your hands messy with vape juice changing coils as you simple dispose of the pod when the coil inside it burns out and replace it with a new one.

We have some fantastic devices to choose from and we’ll give our recommendations on a few below.

Aspire Gotek X

The Gotek X is a great option if you’re wanting something small and discreet as it fits nicely in the palm of your hand.

This uses refillable pods and the coils inside the pods are made with mesh to really enhance the flavour of your vape juice. The device gives a smooth and punchy throat hit on the inhale and a small amount of vapour just like a disposable!

Aspire R1

This is a unique device and is arguably the closest thing you’ll get to a disposable without it actually being a disposable!

Whilst the Aspire R1 is disposable, you do have the ability to not only refill it with nicotine salt vape juice, it can also be recharged a certain number of times before the battery reaches the end of it’s life and it’ll need to be disposed of.

It’s estimated to give you over 5000 puffs before it reaches the end which is impressive, and it only costs a few pounds more than an actual disposable vape!

Step 3 – Adjust Your Airflow

The draw when you inhale on a standard disposable is normally quite restricted and gives a punchy throat hit so this is something you’ll want to replicate when making your vape taste like a disposable.

Restricted airflow makes the flavour of your vape juice come out more as well, as less air is getting into the coil, meaning the heat stays in when it’s warming the coil up to turn your vape juice into vapour so bare this in mind!

If your device has adjustable airflow, set it so it’s restricted, and this will replicate the throat hit like you’d get from a disposable. But make sure it’s not fully closed off, because if no air can get to your coil, it’ll overheat and just burn out.

Step 4 – Pick The Right Ohm Coil

There may seem like there’s a lot of steps here to make your vape taste like a disposable, but this is the last one we promise!

It’s unknown the exact ohms of the coils used in disposable vapes, but we speculate they are at least 1.0ohm or higher, simply because of the MTL style vape you get from them, which can normally only be achieved using a coil of similar resistance.

So, if you’re wanting to get the same effect from your vape, make sure you pick the right coil resistance as this will play a crucial role. Any coil over 1.0ohm will give a tight MTL draw similar to what you would expect from a disposable vape.

We hope that these tips and steps have helped you have a better understanding and knowledge of how to make your vape taste like a disposable. Get ahead of the potential disposable vape ban and convert to a refillable vape device now and enjoy the rich tastes of our 10ml disposable vape flavours!

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