Guide To Help You Get Maximum Flavour

Guide To Help You Get Maximum Flavour Oliver Norman

Guide To Help You Get Maximum Flavour

We vapers love our flavours, there’s no two ways about it! Even if you’re a fan of the simpler things, like a comfy and familiar tobacco or menthol vape. For lots of us though the joy of vaping is in exploring the wonderful wacky and frankly mouth-watering world of flavours that are out there!

With that said, it’s an all-too-common experience for a vaper, particularly a new vaper, to struggle to get the most from that funky sour blue slush or juicy apple  e-juice.

That’s why we’ve created this quick guide, to help you troubleshoot or prepare ahead of time to make sure your vaping experience is a flavoursome as you want it to be!

Range of e-liquids

Choosing The Right E-Liquid

Let’s start with the obvious stuff – making sure you understand the impact choosing one type of juice over another can have on flavour is important! All juices can deliver amazing flavour, but the way you go about it and how much difference to expect is key to avoiding disappointment when maximising flavour.


Thinner 50-50 style e-juices like our core 10ml range naturally produce less vapour than their thicker cousins. This by itself means the potential for flavour delivery is lower. With that said, these juices have more PG, which is a better carrier of flavour – so by combining your 50-50 juice with the right device, you can still have a delicious max-flavour experience.

Nic Salt Vape Juice is another great way to maximise your 50-50 flavour. Because they are naturally much smoother than freebase juices, the flavour comes through a lot more which can lead to a bolder profile.

High-VG (sub-ohm)

Thicker High-VG e-liquids use a lot more VG in their recipe than 50-50s. this means that while they have less PG to help carry flavour, the sheer volume of flavoured vapour they produce when used in a suitable high-power device means they give one of the biggest boldest flavour experiences available.

If you are a flavour-seeker, it is advised to try a high-VG e-liquid in a sub-ohm device for maximum impact.

Choosing The Right Device

Naturally the right e-liquid needs the right device. if you want to max your flavour, it’s not good putting a thick high-VG juice into a 50-50 style device, it just wont hit the way you want it to. Thankfully, choosing a juice usually means you are going to need one of two device types:


These are best paired with thinner 50-50 juices. They have less power, use coils rated at 1.0ohm and above (check the packaging!) which are designed to deliver smooth and consistent vapour all day long to satisfy cravings. By pairing your 50-50 juice with a device like this, you will find they are designed to naturally get the most from your chosen flavour.


These are the big boys. Sometimes called box mods, pod mods, RDTA’s and more – they are all just sub-types of sub-ohm vapes. These are designed to maximise vapour and flavour production with big open airflow designs and massive power output to vaporise the extra thick High-VG juice you will need to run this device type properly.

You can learn more about devices, e-liquids and how to pair them in our guide: how to vape properly.


Control Your Airflow

Maximising your flavour can depend massively on your airflow. Now don’t forget: not all devices have variable airflow – but it will be pretty obvious if it does or not, so you don’t have to worry if you’re missing a trick.

The principal is simple, the more open your airflow, the more flavour you will get. Just be careful, as higher nicotine strength juices can make you cough if you take a big open drag when normally you prefer a tighter, cig-a-like draw.

Play around to find the best balance for your chosen juice and device – it’s your palate, you know best what you want from your vape to satisfy it!

Keep Your Coil Clean

Many devices come with coils you must replace every so often. They are the parts of our devices that do the heavy lifting – they take the current of the battery, heat up and atomise the e-liquid absorbed into the cotton they are wrapped around.

Over time, all that heating and cooling takes its toll, and the coil will need changing. It will lose flavour over time and can even taint the juice in your tank – so keep on top of it.

A brand new coil is not actually the best way to maximise flavour – take a fresh clean coil, but prime it first by dripping a little liquid onto it’s wicking ports. Then use it gently at lower temperatures first or short bursts if you can’t tune your wattage. This will bed it in and get the capillary action working efficiently, meaning after a little use you will be getting a full-absorption flavour hit that will definitely hit the spot!

Keep Your Battery Charged

A low battery simply won’t heat the coil as much and therefore wont kick out as much flavour. You will no doubt notice that many vaping devices seem to hit better when fully charged and it’s no fluke. Even with gene chip tech (which regulates the power output according to your remaining battery) flavour delivery will suffer at low power.

Check Your Power

If you are using a device that has variable wattage then, while a little complex, it is well worth familiarising yourself with how the different settings impact your vaping experience. By tweaking the output, you can get more or less flavour, vapour and ultimately satisfaction depending on your needs.

If you want to learn more about the ingredients of an e-liquid in your quest for maximum flavour then check out what’s in an e-liquid. Or if this guide has set you on the path to flavour heaven, then why not save yourself some time and money with a LiQuid Subscription.

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