Does Vaping Break a Fast?

Does Vaping Break a Fast? Oliver Norman

Does Vaping Break a Fast?

Here at Liquid, we’ve been asked so many different questions about vaping from our community. Some questions however crop up a lot more frequently than others! One of the biggest topics people tend to get curious is vaping’s calorie content – Will it affect my diabetes? Does e-liquid have calories? Does e-liquid contain sugars?

We’ve answered these time and time again – e-liquid barely registers in terms of calorie content, does not contain free sugars, and therefore is highly unlikely to cause any issues relating to diabetes. This subject got us thinking though – despite what we know about vaping’s calorie content and dietary influences, would vaping break a fast? Well, we have done some digging and explored real people’s experiences and thoughts on the matter, so you don’t have to!

Read on to learn for yourself whether or not puffing on an e-cigarette will compromise your fasting goals.

Different types of Fasting

People choose to fast for lots of different reasons. For some, it’s a matter of faith, Islam dictates that Muslims should fast in the daytime during Ramadan, only being able to consume at night. This is a huge aspect of the faith and represents self-control and a willingness to leave behind lusts and temptations, especially those that are Haram (forbidden in the Islamic faith). A similar, albeit more relaxed practice in Christianity is Lent.

Regardless of a person’s faith however, it has become an increasingly popular aspect of a healthy lifestyle to consider intermittent fasting for weight control. Some find it extreme; others find it beneficial – your humble author has been a backer of intermittent fasting since it helped him (me) shift some unwanted pounds! No matter your opinion, it has become a very popular concept for many diet plans, and as with any exercise, commitment and consistency is key to getting results! So then, if vaping were to upset this routine, it might compromise your gains which of course we don’t want!

Should I Vape While Fasting for My Diet?

The good news is that if you have chosen to fast for your diet, vaping isn’t going to compromise anything. We’ve been making our e-liquids for years, and can confirm that the calories delivered by vaping are negligible at most.

Inhaled vapour is predominantly the PG and VG used to make it, with trace amounts of nicotine and flavourings. Our flavourings and most in the industry do not use free sugars (the kind associated with diabetic issues). We instead use, at most, low levels of sweetener to round off some of our recipes to give you the best flavour profile. This is more common in dessert and sweet-inspired vape juice.

You should always consider whether vaping is appropriate for your workout routine. Essentially though, if you are concerned about your calorie intake, vaping should not be an immediate concern.

You can vape while fasting for your diet.

Can I Vape While Fasting for Ramadan?

The issue is a little more complex when it comes to religious fasting. The first and best port of call for any Muslim considering vaping’s impact on a Ramadan fast, would be your Imam or similar religious leader. They will always be best placed to guide you on the correct path for your faith.

With that said there are conflicting examples of how different Muslims interpret vaping’s place in all this. One camp considers that while there is no set Hadeeth or Quranic verse to ban vaping or advise it’s place during Ramadan, the spirit of the festival is to let go of temptations and lusts, things that distract our minds from pure thought. One Muslim man said “The theo rule is to let go of it based on the famous Islamic rule ( Switch what puts your mind through doubt for what does not do so=دع ما يريبك إلى ما لا يريبك ).

While another said similarly:

“Vaping” is the act of purposefully intaking vapor flavoured with nicotine. This is wrong to partake in during Ramadan fasting hours for two reasons:

It’s smoking. Smoking nicotine or any other addictive substance or anything in excess can lead one to not only addiction but also losing control of certain natural abilities for a time. Islam strictly prohibits the use of any form of “intoxicants.” Yes, I know, many will still smoke regardless. But since you asked the question, I will inform you that self-control is a key component of fasting.

It’s purposefully intaking water during fasting hours. This is an obvious contradiction to what fasting is physically about. Of course, everyone intakes vapours involuntarily, perhaps by walking past a body of water or taking a walk on a foggy day, etc. But vaping is intaking water in the form of vapor purposefully. Intentions count, remember?”

The issue is clearly open to some theological debate, as there are no clear edicts given in the faith interpretation has been left relatively open, although most Muslims discussing the topic say that while not an official rule, the idea of leaving behind intoxicants, temptations and other negatives in our lives means that by extension we should not be vaping either. It has been compared to smoking, which many anecdotal sources state also counts as breaking a fast.

There are rules however and the Ramadan fasting only takes place during the daylight hours. At night once the sun has set, called ‘Maghrib’ in the Muslim faith, is when the fast can be broken and you can once again eat and drink. This has been interpreted by some to include vaping also, meaning once the sun is down, you can vape again. It really depends on your interpretation of the faith and how you choose to follow it.

One Islamic man said: “Fasting is not only about leaving food. It's mainly about leaving lusts. Food is one type of lusts, so you can't eat while fasting. Same for smoking, it's a lust. So you can't do it in the morning of Ramadan. But you can wait for the sunset (Maghrib) and then smoke as you want.”

In this case, you must make a decision based on your own faith and the feelings of the community it binds you to, it’s not for us to advise.

It’s Your Choice!

Whether you choose to vape while fasting or not, it’s your choice. You should always make sure that your decision is based on facts, reason and has your best interests at heart. Speak to friends, family and religious confidantes to decide if vaping will compromise your Ramadan celebrations. If you are dieting however, then vape away! You won’t be gaining any extra weight because of a few puffs on your favourite flavour.

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