Is Temperature Control Better Than Variable Wattage?

Is Temperature Control Better Than Variable Wattage? Oliver Norman

Is Temperature Control Better Than Variable Wattage?

When entering the world of vaping for the first time you are going to come up against a lot of jargon that can all seem rather strange and daunting – specially as understanding what some of these things means can have a big impact on you getting hold of the right kit for your personal vaping journey.

From all the different e-liquid types (which you can learn about here) to the many different vape kits on offer, it can be a bit of a minefield to know what features you want or need. If you are very new to vaping and reading this, pop open our jargon buster in a separate tab to use as a handy guide while learning how best to get started on your own journey.

In this blog, we will be taking a look at two very common mechanics of vaping devices: Temperature control, and variable wattage. These features control how much power your devices battery puts through your chosen pod or coil, and understanding which better suits your needs can be an important factor in knowing which device to spend your hard-earned money on!

To understand which is best for you, we first need to introduce you to both features, and their pros and cons.

What is Variable Wattage?

When a device says it has variable wattage, it means you can manually customise the power output of the device. This allows you to tailor your vaping experience more closely to your needs, however it does require a little experience and practice to know how to get it just right.

Devices with variable wattage often have more complicated user interfaces to allow you to manipulate the power settings, and also rely on you taking note of the recommended safe operating range of your chosen coil (this is often written on the coil itself, or on the pod if using a single unit with a built-in coil).

Take note when considering how high or low you set the power – if you use a wattage that is outside your coils recommended range, then you can experience a lack of flavour and vapour plus gurgling when you try to vape (power is too low), or a harsh hit with too much vapour that risks burning out your coil altogether (power is too high).

Straying a few watts either side of the given range should be fine, and it is variable wattage kits like the VooPoo Drag S or Aspire Zelos 3 that give you the freedom to test those boundaries, even if a coil says ‘use at 25 watts’ it might be the case that you prefer the hit at 20 watts – this is absolutely fine and is just the sort of reason someone might prefer variable wattage over temperature control, as the latter keeps you on rails with less room for tweaking the experience.

Variable wattage is most common in sub-ohm kits with greater power ranges, running high-VG vape juice. It is not however exclusive to these parameters as even smaller pod kits like the Aspire Flexus Q now feature variable wattage – it all depends on what you are looking for in a vape.


  • Greater ability to tailor your vaping experience
  • Maximise or minimise vapour production to suit your situation
  • Extend battery life – drop the power in a pinch to keep vaping longer between charges


  • Increased risk of burning out your coil or flooding it if the power is too high/low
  • Devices end up being more complex with multiple buttons
  • Requires some practice and experience to find your ideal level balancing coil, e-liquid type and your personal needs.

What is Temperature Control (TC)?

Temperature control works in the same way as variable wattage – it regulates the power output of your vape battery according to the resistance of your chosen coil, only this time the process is automatic rather than manual.

What this means is, your kit (if it has TC) automatically detects the resistance of the coil, or pod with integrated coil you are using. It then adjusts it’s power output accordingly to ensure that the power put through that coil maintains an optimum temperature level throughout, giving you the ‘ideal’ vaping experience, without you needing to understand ohms, amps and volts!

TC function is a great ting for total beginners because it takes a lot of the thinking out of setting up your first vaping device – even if you don’t understand the difference in performance between a 1.2ohm and 0.6ohm coil, you don’t really need to with TC – it will make sure your output is optimised regardless.

Modern devices almost always feature a chip inside them that regulates this performance and makes TC possible. The chip detects the resistance of the coil and then sets the wattage accordingly. If you want more of a plug-and-play experience, then a simple temperature-controlled device like the Innokin Klypse with minimal buttons is a great shout. More advanced versions of TC tech such as in the Argus P1, actually adjust the power not only according to the coil resistance, but also based on your own usage and how long/hard you tend to inhale while vaping.


  • Hassle-free and ideal for beginners or those seeking a plug-and-play device
  • No requirement to understand ohms, amps, or volts to get an optimised vape
  • Reduced risk of underperformance or dry-burn as the device monitors everything for you


  • TC only devices have minimal customisation options
  • You may struggle to find an ideal output for your needs if the pre-sets don’t feel right for you
  • Cloud-chasers using high-VG juice may find TC-only devices too restrictive

Temperature Control Vs Variable Wattage

Ultimately the choice is yours, there are positives and negatives to both options. If you are new to vaping and just want an easier transition from cigarettes then TC could be the best way to kick things off. If you are willing to learn about how best to set your wattage to get the most from your coils and vape juice then variable wattage arguably has more to offer.

The good news is that many vape kits feature both variable wattage and TC options, like the VooPoo Argus Pod, that you can switch between freely – this is really the ultimate middle ground, and if you can get your hands on one such kit, then you will have a piece of tech that could last you for a very long time taking your journey from beginner to veteran level.

If you are in the market for a new device, or are looking to get started for the first time, check out our awesome bundles, and consider setting up a subscription to get even more value from your account with us!

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