What Is A Box Mod?

What Is A Box Mod? Oliver Norman

What Is A Box Mod?

A box mod uses one to two li-ion batteries and has a chip inside it that regulates the voltage inside the box. Users set the wattage controls on a display panel on the outside of the box in order to make the box mod deliver bigger or smaller vape clouds on demand. Box mods work differently to mechnicals mods in that mechanical mods using power directly from the li-ion battery with no capability to regulate the voltage delivered to the coil (or atomizer).

Box mods allow this extra level of control that mechanical mods cannot deliver. They are box shaped because it gives more space to add components such as variable voltage control and digital screens. Not only this, box mods make your batteries last longer too. Box mods came about because many vapers found that they struggled with the typical e-cigarettes on the market due to their poor battery life and lack of power. E-cigarette users started to experiment with their own ‘mods’ including box mods comprising of AA and AAA battery holders. These home made mods existed for years until manufacturers picked up on the need for more formal box mods to be made.  

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