Collection: Aspire Vape Hardware

Aspire is a brand synonymous with excellence in the vaping world. It offers a dynamic range of vaping products that combines advanced technology, easy functionality and elegant design.

LiQuid is proud to bring you the very best of Aspire vape and Aspire vape accessories. From vape kits to replacement parts, tanks and coils, we have everything you need for your vaping journey.

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Aspire Vape Kits

We have curated a range of Aspire vape kits for those ready to make the switch. These kits are designed with user experience in mind and cater to both beginners and veteran vapers.


The Aspire PockeX Vape Kit, also known as the Aspire PockeX starter kit, is a favourite among our UK customers. Its compact design, paired with high-quality PockeX Aspire coils, provides a smooth vaping experience for those looking to make the switch.


The Aspire K3 starter kit is another excellent choice for those new to vaping. It's a user-friendly device that balances performance and simplicity, allowing you to transition from smoking effortlessly.


If you're wanting a simple and easy to use pod vape kit, then look no further than either the Aspire Gotek X or Cyber X pod vape kits. These devices use refillable pods which already have the coils built into them, meaning you don't have to mess around changing coils, as you just replace the whole pod once the coil is burnt out. 


And we also have the Aspire R1, which is the perfect alternative for disposable vapes if you're looking to make the switch ahead of the UK disposable vape ban which is looming.


Aspire Coils

At LiQuid, we not only provide the best Aspire vape kits but also an extensive range of Aspire replacement coils. Our collection includes Aspire BVC coils, Aspire Pockex Coils, Aspire Flexus coils and Aspire Nautilus replacement coils. Each set of coils is designed to enhance the performance of your vape kit, ensuring you enjoy every puff. The Aspire Nautilus tank replacement is also available, offering a convenient way to maintain the optimal performance of your Aspire Nautilus vape kit.


Aspire Replacement Pods

We also stock the full range of replacement pods for the Aspire devices which are available to buy here at LiQuid. You can get replacement Aspire Flexus pods, Gotek X pods as well as Cyber X pods. The Gotek X and Cyber X pods come with coils preinstalled, but the Aspire Flexus pods use replaceable coils which can be bought separately.