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IVG 6000 Bubblegum Berry Wave Nic Salt E-Liquid

IVG 6000 Bubblegum Berry Wave Nic Salt E-Liquid

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Product overview

Ever wondered what the nostalgic bubblegum flavour would be like combined with mixed fruity flavours? We've got the answer to your wondering right here! Candied strawberry and watermelon notes combined with a sweet bubblegum taste, just like the nostalgic flavour we all know and love. Rich candied flavours combined with punchy but smooth nicotine salts for a satisfying vaping experience

Key benefits

Strawberry and Watermelon flavour on the inhale, combined with a classic bubblegum aftertaste on the exhale Just like the flavours used in popular brands of Disposable Vapes, this 10ml nic salt vape juice replicates it perfectly! Use this in a refillable pod vape and experience Disposable Vape style vaping at a more cost effective and longer lasting rate!

Why choose

IVG6000 Nic Salts offer a great eco-friendly way to vape, if you're wanting to experience the same great flavours you see used in Disposable Vapes. Pairing these vape flavours with a refillable vape pod device will give you a Disposable like experience, but in a much more environmentally friendly way than what using Disposables are!

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