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IVG 6000 Cherry Chew Nic Salt E-Liquid

IVG 6000 Cherry Chew Nic Salt E-Liquid

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Product overview

Looking for a sweet and fruity flavour with a fizzy twist? If you are, this disposable vape flavour is the one for you! Rich and fruity cherry flavours combined with a fizzy aftertaste completes this incredible vape juice! If you're looking for a subtle nicotine kick, or a punchier one, choose from the varied nicotine strengths we have available to suit your needs!

Key benefits

Fizzy cherry flavour gives a kick of nostalgia with every puff! Disposable vape flavours available in 10ml bottles. Varied nicotine strengths available to choose from to suit your needs. Pair with a refillable vape device to get a rich and full on flavour experience

Why choose

IVG6000 disposable vape flavours offer a much more cost effective way to vape than using Disposable Vapes. Enjoy the same rich flavours seen in Disposables by using a pod vape and get up to 6000 puffs with every 10ml bottle of these fantastic nic salt vape juices!

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