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Lemon Mint Elfa Pro Prefilled Pods by Elf Bar

Lemon Mint Elfa Pro Prefilled Pods by Elf Bar

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Product overview

Zesty and refreshing flavours await... A zesty and citrusy lemon flavour powers through on the inhale but has a cool mint after taste to really refresh your palete. Made using smooth nicotine salts, this delivers a punchy nicotine hit as well as a full on flavour experience too.

Key benefits

20mg Nicotine strength gives a strong but smooth nicotine hit every time 2ml of high quality nicotine salt vape juice contained in every pod. A seal is put on every pod which can be removed to activate the pod to ensure max freshness until you're ready to use the pod.

Why choose

By using Elfa Pro Pods, you can enjoy the same great flavours seen in Elf Bars but at a more cost effective rate. For the same price of a single Elf Bar, you can get 2x 2ml Pro Pods which is double the amount of vape juice you'd get in a Disposable. Get full visibility of when your vape juice is running low and don't be caught by surprise like you may be with a standard Elf Bar!

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