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Pink Lemonade Crystal Plus Prefilled Pods by SKE

Pink Lemonade Crystal Plus Prefilled Pods by SKE

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Product overview

Fruity and refreshing flavours collide! Zesty and refreshing fizzy lemonade flavour underlies on the exhale with a stack of mixed berries over the top on the inhale, absolutely delightful! Full bodied flavour paired with smooth nicotine salts will give you a satisfying vape every single time.

Key benefits

Two 2ml disposables pods per pack. 20mg nicotine strength vape juice used in every pod. Up to 600 puffs per individual pod.

Why choose

Save yourself the hassle of changing coils or refilling vape pods as these are prefilled with vape juice. When the vape juice runs out, simply dispose of the pod and put a new one in, meaning hassle and mess free vaping! Wide range of flavours available to suit all individuals flavour preferences!

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