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Global independent safety science company, UL, have announced that they will now accept product submittals of e-cigarettes to test for safety and certification in the US.

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UL is a leading science safety organisation using research and testing to advance and meet evolving safety needs. The UL8139 standard will address the increased safety concerns following the rise of e-cigarette usage however it will not evaluate any long-term or psychological effects of the consumables.

UL 8139 will create a framework to evaluate, test and certify the electrical and battery systems of vaping devices. This new standard will not evaluate the consumables of the e-cigarette (e-liquids, wicks) however it will specifically test the safety of the heating, battery and charging systems following increased concerns in the US over incidents involving fire and requiring medical attention.

Ghislain Devouge, Vice President and General Manager for UL’s Consumer Technology division announced the introduction of UL 8139, stating UL has been evaluating, testing and certifying portable battery powered devices, including battery cells, modules, packs, chargers and power supplies for many years”. Due to the significant growth of e-Cigarette use in the US, Devouge went on to explain the need for more in-depth testing, “With UL 8139, our expert science, research and engineering teams have now developed the appropriate requirements and methodology to confidently evaluate and test e-cigarettes for electrical and fire hazards. As recent news has shown us, there is a strong need for this type of service. Today, we are pleased to offer our testing and certification services to manufacturers and distributors.”

E-cigarette retailers and manufacturers looking to submit their product for testing and UI certification for their electrical and battery systems can submit their request at