A Guide to the Best Tasting Vape Juices

A Guide to the Best Tasting Vape Juices Oliver Norman

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There are so many different e-liquids to choose from out there knowing where to start is easier said than done! Thankfully here at LiQuid, we’ve got some of the best tasting vape juice on the market – there’s a reason we’ve been going for so many years!

Our customers know what they like, and they expect quality from every drop. We’ve got plenty of flavours to choose from in our £1 vape juice range, but below we want to share some of the best tasting – as decided by our customers!

Our top 15 best-selling vape flavours cover plenty of bases, from fruity and sweet flavours to carefully blended tobacco profiles and crisp menthols – if you are still not sure which flavour to start your journey with, or if you just want to try something new, check out our list below and get to know the LiQuid fan-favourites!

The Top 15 Best Selling Vape Juice You Need to Try

The best vapes around – according to our customers! Don’t forget, the price of temptation is only £1 when you’re vaping with us!

15. Tangy Cherry Bubblegum HVG

Despite going largely unnoticed for a while our customers have fallen in love with the retro taste of candy bubblegum bottle sweets, which we’ve recreated in this sour/sweet and all around tangy vape, perfect for those who enjoy a little more vapour and a zingy flavour to match!

14. Very Berry

One of our absolute staples here at LiQuid, Very Berry has been a fan favourite for years. With a juicy combination of berry flavours and a smooth finish on the exhale, if you’re a fan of all things fruity then you won’t want to miss this classic – some of our customers think it reminds them of an energy drink – what do you think?

13. Strawberry Milkshake

A winning combination of rich creaminess and sweet strawberry notes, our Strawb Shake has never dropped off out bestseller list. Sometimes fruit by itself just isn’t enough, and if you enjoy richer tastes then this could be your next vaping go-to.

If you prefer to vape using a sub-ohm device, you can get your hands on this one in High-VG too!

12. Blueberry Ice menthol

A refreshing blend of ripe blueberry flavour with an uplifting hit of menthol, great for those who enjoy a cool sensation when they vape, but with enough blueberry tang to keep things interesting!

11. Strawberry Ice Menthol

Everybody loves frozen fruit on a hot day, right? Well no matter the weather you can capture that cool, sweet refreshment anytime with this fan-fave vape flavour.

10. Strawberry

Sometimes less is more, and that’s definitely the case here – our classic strawberry flavour is ideal for fans of fruity flavours who aren’t bothered about fancy cooling sensations or excessive sweetness.

A fantastic choice for an all-day-vape that you can rely on to satisfy cravings while delivering a flavour that won’t overpower your tastebuds.

9. Heizen HVG

Heizen has had many iterations in the vaping world with most major brands taking a swing at it (fyi – we were one of the first to capture this eclectic profile – just saying…)

An odd-sounding but awesome-tasting combo featuring blue raspberry and white grape at the front, with a blast of menthol and a hint of anise! Trust us, this one works – it’s been plenty of our customers go-to since we first opened our doors.

Our High-VG version is almost as popular than the standard 50-50 equivalent, so if you like to sub-ohm, then this could be well worth a try for £1!

8. Strawberry & Lime

A proven popular combination of sweet strawberry and sharp zesty lime which balance perfectly and give you a real summertime taste (even when the clouds are overhead).

We’ve had comments from our community that this vape pairs particularly beautifully with an ice-cold glass of fruit cider on a hot day in a beer garden – of course we wouldn’t know about such things, so we’ll let you decide for yourselves!...

7. Blueberry

Rarely seen outside of the top ten, our classic blueberry vape juice has been making vapers smile for nearly 10 years! A simple yet effective blend of our specially selected blueberry flavour, bursting with tart and iconic floral flavours berry lovers won’t want to miss.

6. Blackcurrant

Like our humble Blueberry, this is a long-standing success story from the LiQuid range. Tart and tangy fresh blackcurrant flavour abounds in this tongue-tingling vape juice, sweet and juicy on the inhale – smooth and rich on the exhale; it’s an all-day-vape that doesn’t disappoint.

5. British Tobacco

The fact this profile has never left our top 5 best selling e-liquids in nearly ten years tells us everything we need to know about how popular it is. A combination of light and dark tobacco notes, blended for a bold flavour recreating the unmistakable profile of British tobacco brands – a little darker and more complex than lighter American style tobaccos.

4. Heizen

We won’ bore you with the same story twice, it’s the same eclectic combo of blue raspberry, white grape anise and menthol, but this time it’s a 50-50! This was actually our number one product for almost 4 years unchallenged until we launched Double Menthol!

If you like experimenting with new flavours and want to know what all that fuss was about, try it for yourself today!

3. Double Menthol

Double menthol has probably spent more time in our number one seller spot than any other flavour we’ve launched over the years, it even managed to dethrone Heizen, which nobody here at LiQuid thought was possible!

It’s a simple flavour in essence – a double-shot of our ice cool menthol, with a little twist of peppermint to give it an edge. It’s a cool and refreshing blast that has clearly hit the spot for many of our community. Ideal as an all-day-vape or even as a palate cleanser between more saccharine flavours, if you like menthols then tis is a must-try.

2. Cherry

In more recent years, the vaping public have cemented fruit flavours as their favourites by the averages. This was even highlighted in the most recent (29th Sept 2022) government report on vaping. Well of all our fruity options in the LiQuid range, our cherry has really taken the heart of our community by storm!

It’s a clean, sweet and flavourful Maraschino style cherry flavour packed with juicy and tangy notes that fans of fruity vapes are sure to love. It’s also available as a HVG too if you want the same great flavour with a little more cloud for your buck!

1. Cherry Ice Menthol

We weren’t kidding when we said vapers love our cherry – the only thing they love more is our cherry on ice! The same iconic sweet, preserved cherry flavour, with a crisp wave of menthol to make it extra-refreshing; you humble author is a fan himself!

If you like fruit ices but find some a little too sweet these days, then you need to try this one out – it balances all the elements just right: sweetness, coolness, smoothness and with a deep rich profile that leaves a great taste in your mouth after every puff without getting ‘claggy’ thanks to that menthol blast.

The Best Vaping Devices

If you are thinking of trying any of the best selling vape flavours above, then you might also be after a good device to really do them justice, thankfully we can help with that.

We have a brilliant range of vaping devices from famous brands. Designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind, we’ve got the latest designs from Innokin, Smok, Aspire, and Vaporesso – why not have a gander and find one you like the look of?

Whether you prefer 50-50 or High-Vg e-liquids, we’ve got a kit to match – and just like our juices, they won’t break the bank! Of course you can save even more if you get your liquids on a subscription, and don’t forget to cash-in those loyalty points if you’ve been with us for a while!

Happy vaping!

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