Can You Vape in Pubs?

Can You Vape in Pubs? Oliver Norman

Can You Vape in Pubs?

Since the introduction of the Health Act 2006, the act of smoking cigarettes in enclosed public spaces, workplaces, on public transport, and in work vehicles has been outright banned. Such legislation followed extensive scientific evidence that bystanders of cigarette smokers who inhale the smoke can be caused harm.

As for vaping, the same questions have been raised - but the fact that it produces vapour, and not smoke, means that the law has to accommodate for its different effects on bystanders, mostly backed by scientific evidence that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

Nevertheless, it can be difficult to understand the rules on where you are allowed to vape. For example, does a ‘no-smoking’ sign mean that you are prohibited from using your vape device? Find out below if you are legally allowed to vape in pubs. For more information on the laws and the latest guidance on vaping on the LiQuid Vape Hub.

What does the law say about vaping indoors?

In the UK, there is currently no law that prohibits the use of vape devices in indoor or public spaces. Therefore, by definition, you are legally allowed to vape indoors and in public spaces - but in reality, it is not as black-and-white.

You may have been told to stop using your vape device while in a pub and while the law says you are legally allowed to, the decision rests on the facility’s owner.

Changing legislation in the UK

The laws in the UK surrounding vaping are ever-evolving. When vape devices were first introduced to the UK in 2003, and for many subsequent years, they were viewed as consumer products.

Today, attitudes towards vape devices, by the public as well as in government, have developed to see them as potentially helpful tools that can aid those wanting to make the switch towards smoking cessation.

As such, legislation has changed and there is pressure to introduce segregated vaping areas from smoking areas to protect vapers from harmful secondhand smoke.

Ask before you vape

While UK law states that vaping in public spaces is allowed, in practice, there are few private facilities where it is actually permitted. So, while there is no comprehensive ban on vaping in pubs and restaurants, private facilities retain the right to refuse you to vape. In fact, the majority of the UK’s fast-food restaurants have banned its use indoors.

Before you start vaping in a pub, you should first ask a member of staff for permission - it could be the case that they will allow you to do so.

Learn more about vaping

LiQuid regularly updates its Vape Hub on the latest guidance, information, and news, so that you can learn everything you would need to know before vaping. Be sure to check out our library of online resources at your disposal.

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