What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

What is Sub Ohm Vaping? Oliver Norman

What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Everything you need to know If you’re new to the vaping scene, it can be difficult to understand the technical and specialised terminology without explanation. This blog aims to introduce you to the world of sub-ohm vaping, a term that’s hard to miss in the world of vaping. Explaining everything from what sub-ohm is, to how it’s relevant to vaping competitions, we hope that this blog is a useful tool so that you can discover all there is to know about sub-ohm vaping.

So, what is sub-ohm vaping?

In simple terms…

Sub-ohm vaping refers to the method of vaping in which you are able to create a significant amount of vapour. The atomiser in your vape is heated (by something referred to as a coil) as an electrical current passes through it. The amount of electrical current that is able to be passed through it is given in the unit ‘ohms’.

The lower the resistance in the coil, the easier it is for the coil to increase the current that is passing through. As a result of this, more heat is produced which equates to large vapour clouds.

Most of the sub-ohm vaping kits and tanks require a direct to lung vaping method (otherwise known as DTL).

So, why choose sub-ohm vaping?

There are a multitude of positive benefits attached to choosing sub-ohm vaping, so here are a few reasons why sub-ohming is a great choice for many...

Perfect flavour and strengths – When you use a sub-ohm tank, many people have reported that they find the flavourings to be stronger and, therefore, prefer this style of vaping.

Vast vapour clouds – Due to the heat production in the coil, vast amounts of vapour is produced. This is particularly useful for competitive vaping (also known as cloud-chasing), allowing you to create large clouds and make cool tricks too! 

Great transition if you’re replacing smoking for vaping  The warm feeling which is created by the current passing through the coil, makes the vapour feel warmer than usual. This creates a similar sensation to smoking and means that it’s a great transitioning tool.

Perfect for offering more airflow – As the coils generate a great amount of heat, more airflow is needed to cool it down; sub-ohm vaping is ideal for this.

Vaping Competitions (Cloud Chasing)

So we briefly mentioned vaping competitions, but what are these?
Vape competitions, which are commonly referred to as cloud chasing, are huge events which showcase vapers exhaling their vast clouds of vapour in a competitive manner. This is a highly important and competitive sporting event which has really taken off in recent years.

The aim of the game is to exhale as much vapour as possible and sometimes even make tricks and shapes. The competitions are even sometimes referred to as simply ‘sub-ohm vaping’ due to this kind of vaping device being the most effective for large clouds of vapour.

But where did this all start?
The first known vaping competition was held in 2012 which is said to have originated as an in-store event but quickly escalated to large and competitive events that attract a vast array of people.  One of the most famous vaping competitions was held in 2016 in Las Vegas, named the Vape Capitol Championship Tour. The Championship Tour travelled through 29 locations across America, with the winner gaining a $10,00 cash prize!

How is this judged?
To ensure that things are fair, the devices’ resistance is set to a specific number of ohm. Judges then set off a countdown timer and the competition kicks off. There are specific regulations for the competitors, from blowing the vapour in a straight line to the length and clarity of the plume. Once the timer has concluded, judges decide who they think excelled and then the winner proceeds to the next round. For the tricks section of the competition, competitors are given a set time to perform their best show. 

Sub-ohming creates recognisable and impressive plumes of vapour, and more vapour allows you to cut down on your nicotine intake, perfect for those trying to reduce their nicotine levels. Sub-ohm vaping allows for a highly satisfying and fulfilling vape experience and is why it’s a lot of people’s go-to.We hope this blog has been insightful and proved a great help in deciphering if sub-ohm vaping is for you. Why not explore our diverse range of £1 E-Liquids here at LiQuid to make the most out of your vaping experience.


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