Why is my vape not working?

Why is my vape not working? Oliver Norman

Why is my vape not working?

There’s nothing worse than reaching for your vape only to find it doesn’t want to play ball. When cravings hit, or you just fancy a puff, you don’t want to be caught short.

While most devices are pretty robust, there are some key things to check if the worst should happen and nothing happens when you fire it up!

Vaping Battery


Check The Battery

Vape batteries can be a little tricky sometimes – even when they say they are at half charge, that last half seems to last only a fraction of the time the first half did – this kind of behaviour makes it hard to judge when you might need to charge it up.

The best thing is to always keep a cable with you, and if it drops to 25% charge, it’s best to start looking for a place to to-up as it might not last very long!

It’s not just charge that can catch you out – sometimes vape batteries will shut themselves off if they feel extreme heat, cold, or water – try to store it in a temperate environment to avoid any surprises!

Much like extreme conditions, if you have dropped your vape (go on, admit it, we’ve all done it) then even if it just has a few minor scratches, there is always a chance that the relatively simple internals could have been damaged or dislodged – this can often cause the device to not work, especially if the circuit is broken internally.

Check Connection Points

With the exception of disposable vapes, almost every other type will have a copper connection point where the battery makes a circuit with your chosen tank or pod.

Because these tend to be located where e-liquid residue can get to them, they can get a little greasy which can interrupt the circuit and prevent it from firing – this can also cause it to ‘short out’ which can display on devices with a screen as “shorted”.

Sometimes these connection points depress to accommodate different tanks – this is also true of the 510 pin on some tanks which can be screwed in or out to fit better. If your device isn’t working properly, check these haven’t gotten stuck, or are poorly adjusted!

Coil burning

Check Your Coil

Coils are a little tricky sometimes too, they can be fitted perfectly and because of a random manufacturers error, the circuit may not be complete, and it just won’t fire. In this case you can only replace it and hope the new coil doesn’t do the same.

There are lots of reasons coils can fail, which you can learn about in our blog how to tell when my coil needs changing. But only a few will stop the device from firing up at all. The most common is the coil looking or feeling like it’s connected, when in reality it isn’t – an extra twist or push and you might find your problems are solved.

Check Your Airflow

We know this one sounds a little bit like “vaping for dummies” but trust us – this is WAY to easily done…

Sometimes you go to drag on your device only to find nothing comes out, well double check that airflow because if it’s fully closed, you’ll struggle! Airflow can easily be knocked around in a pocket or bag, so keep that in mind and check before you drag to avoid any panic!

Vaping Battery

Check Your Device Power Settings

Every device that allows you to tweak them will come with recommended power settings. This will be in relation to different coil types, which can require more or less power to function properly.

If you are using too little power, then often the device won’t fire up, or will just gurgle – either way, crank it up if you want to keep on vaping!


Vape Troubleshooting

The previous sections of this blog should cover most situations that could lead to your vape not working. With that said, we know you might have some specific questions – we’ll cover some FAQs here to help you troubleshoot any issues you might be having.

My Vape Won't Switch On

The two most likely issues will be: the battery simply needing to be charged up – most devices have a power indicator or LED display that will flash if it is depleted – alternatively make sure the circuit is complete; tanks sometimes come with adjustable connection pins so make sure it’s set up properly.

There's Enough Charge in My Battery but My Vape Still Won't Work

Most vapes take a few clicks, on average 3-5, to actually turn on. This feature is intended to stop it accidentally being activated in a pocket or bag. Make sure it’s turned on before you assume it’s broken!

Connection pins can sometimes get squashed which can stop the current passing through regardless of charge. Double check them!

Make sure the coil is the correct resistance for your chosen device – you can learn more about this in our guide how to vape properly. The most important thing is to ensure the ohms are suitable for the watts your device puts out. Too much or too little power can prevent some devices from firing at all if they have the wrong coil fitted as a safety precaution.

I'm Not Getting Enough Flavour from My Vape

If this is a problem for you, then the first thing to check is that you are using the correct e-liquid for your device. 50-50 juices require a lower power device with a coil rated at 1.0ohm or above. High-VG juices require a higher power device, with a coil rated 0.9ohm or below (sub-ohm). Nic Salts can be vaped in the same type of device as 50-50’s.

If you are confident that you have the correct juice for your device, then make sure the power output is suitable, as too much could give you a burnt taste, too little won’t heat the coil enough to kick out the flavour you are after.

I'm Not Getting Enough Vapour

Check your power settings – you’ll need to be hitting at least the lowest recommended power level for your chosen coil (it’s written on the coil if you need to check this).

Check your airflow – this can prevent any vapour being pulled through if closed.

Check the battery level – if it’s running low, it will produce less vapour!

I’m Not Really Feeling Any Nicotine Hit, Or I'm Getting Light-Headed When I Vape a Lot

This is not likely down to your device but your e-liquid. If you are struggling to work out which strength is right for you, check out our guide.

If you are vaping something too weak vs your previous smoking habit, you likely won’t get the hit you need, nor will it satisfy your cravings. Equally, vaping something too strong will lead to you experiencing the symptoms of nicotine overdose – which includes light headedness and nausea.

My Vape Tank/Atomiser Is Leaking

This could be down to cross-threading when you have put it together which can be easily remedied. A little trickier, but also possible, is to check and replace the silicone O-rings which are seated in multiple points of your device where the different parts connect, like above and below the tank glass. Most mod kits with removable tanks will come with spares in the box for this reason.

Lots Of Liquid Is Coming Through When I Vape

This either means your coil isn’t installed correctly, or that it has flooded – in either case it will need to be removed to solve the problem. Once corrected, make sure to clean out the airflow of your device as liquid can hide in here after a leak.

I Bought a New Tank but It Won't Stay on The Battery

Unfortunately this almost certainly means you have bought a non-compatible tank for your battery. It’s always worth double-checking what your battery can accept before buying a new tank as there are no guarantees of a universal fit.

The only solution is to find a tank that does fit – a top tip when trying a new tank is to screw it to the battery dry and empty, just to test the treading is compatible. This way you might be able to return a tank you can’t use, as it won’t have been spoiled by e-liquid.

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