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The benefits of vaping are enhanced when the experience is made easy. At LiQuid, we believe that you should have easy access to all the vaping components you need, without having to worry about replacing your vaping device or parts often - and more importantly, without breaking the bank.

That is why we have designed vape pods that are easy to use and replace - at prices you will find difficult to beat. Starting at just 75p, our vape pods do not compromise on quality, and allow you to reload your vape device with your favourite flavour without the financial burden you may have with other brands.

Since 2014, we have pioneered the premium vaping market, delivering gold-standard vaping pods and other products to an ever-growing audience. Today, our reputation and our years of expertise have allowed us to produce some of the best vape pods available in the UK - there is a reason why so many of our customers remain loyal to us and our e-liquid pods.

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How Do You Use A Prefilled Pod?

Using a prefilled pod is straightforward and easy to do regardless of your vaping experience. 

Simply take one pod out of the packet, remove any safety seals & bungs, and clip it into your device.

How Much Vape Juice Is In A Prefilled Pod?

The maximum amount of vape juice which can be put into any prefilled pod is 2ml. This is to adhere to the regulations set out in the Tobacco Products Directive set out in 2016 in the UK.

How Long Do Prefilled Pods Last?

Each pod is estimated to give around 600 puffs. This can be less though depending on how much you use it. 

How Do I Know When To Change The Pod?

Pods are transparent so you’ll always be able to see the amount of vape juice left in your pod which is worth keeping an eye on. 

You may also start to get a burnt taste or a dry hit when you inhale, that means the vape juice has nearly or has ran out, so dispose of that pod and pop a new one in.

Can I Refill Prefilled Pods?

Unfortunately not. These pods are factory sealed and are not designed to be refilled.