Everything You Need to Know: The Smok Nord 4

Everything You Need to Know: The Smok Nord 4 Oliver Norman

Everything You Need to Know: The Smok Nord 4

The Smok Nord 4 is the most powerful and versatile pod device in the Nord range to-date, and has plenty to offer new and experienced vapers alike!

It features a larger 2000mAh battery for improved daily use, an maximum power output of 80W, making it powerful enough to handle high-VG vape juice as well as 50-50s or nic salts, and a dual airflow system for advanced control over your experience. The Nord 4 also comes with two pod variants included in the kit, which are tailored towards optimised 50-50 or High-VG vaping respectively.

The Nord 4 is a versatile pod system that can be used for both MTL and DTL vaping. The dual airflow system allows you to fine-tune the draw resistance to your preference, and the large range of coil options grant you even more ability to tailor your vaping journey.

The Nord 4 is very easy to use, largely thanks to an OLED display showing your current wattage, battery level, and puff count. The fire button is large and easy to press, and the pod simply snaps into place magnetically.

If you're looking for a powerful and versatile pod system, the Smok Nord 4 is a great option. It's perfect for vapers of all levels, and it offers a brilliant vaping experience.

Key Features Of The Smok Nord 4

  • A true DTL Sub-Ohm Pod Kit
  • 5 - 80W Power Range
  • 2000mAh Built-In Battery
  • Supports MTL & DTL Vaping
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • 2ml Refillable Pods
  • Compatible With RPM and RPM 2 Coils

Pros And Cons Of The Nord 4

The Nord 4’s biggest USP is that unlike other pod kits of a similar size, it offers a true DTL sub-ohm vaping experience. This means that with the right coil installed, namely the RPM-2 0.16 and 0.25ohm variants, you can make full use of High-VG e-liquids. You might think other kits can offer this, but in reality, most pod devices, even those with sub-ohm coil options, only offer an RDL or restricted direct lung inhale, which is still only intended for 50-50 blends. Of course, the Nord 4 offers plenty of 50-50 support too.

In addition to being a true sub-ohm kit, it also has a very generous 2000mAh battery, which outlasts most of the competition, and variable airflow, which has been missing form previous Nord models. This not only means you have reduced downtime on your vaping journey but can also tailor the draw even more to your preference.

The downside to this kit is some reported issues of leaking pods, however this can be largely remedied through careful use, making sure you are using the right e-liquid, coil and pod combinations. The sheer volume of coils available however, and the choice to split them between two very similar but not cross-compatible pod formats has made the Nord 4 a complicated beast to work with if you are less vape-savvy.

How Long Does The Nord 4 Last?

The massive 2000mAh battery will keep your Nord 4 going for at least a day of vaping if you are using the RPM pod, paired with a nic salt or similar high-PG blend, and a coil that keeps your output at around 25watts.

If you were to make use of the Nord 4’s sub-ohm capabilities, then you should expect the battery life to decrease as you will be drawing much more power to heat high-resistance coils which will need 50+ watts.

What Coils Does The Nord 4 Use?

Coils and pods are where the Nord 4 gets a little complicated, but we will try to break it down for you here so you can understand!

Smok RPM Series

The RPM pod series is one of two available variants for the Nord 4. They are deigned to support 50-50 blends like nic salts. This means they have a slightly restricted MTL or RDL draw, rather than an open sub-ohm style draw. They are only compatible with RPM coils.

The RPM coil series is designed to offer Smok Nord 4 users a wide range of options for tailoring your experience to your needs. They are designed to work with the RPM pod only, not to be confused with the RPM-2 pod which also comes in the Nord 4 starter kit.

They are available in the following variants:

  • RPM Mesh 0.4ohm: This coil is designed for flavour seekers and features a honeycombed mesh design for enhanced flavour production.
  • RPM MTL Mesh 0.3ohm: This coil is a lower resistance coil that is designed for MTL vaping. It combines a low resistance with a power-efficient design for a longer-lasting battery.
  • RPM Triple Coil 0.6ohm: This coil is designed for vapers who want the best of both worlds in terms of flavour and vapour production. It features a triple coil design that delivers fast ramp-up times and excellent flavour.
  • RPM SC 1.0ohm: This coil is designed for vapers who want a more traditional MTL vaping experience. It produces moderate vapour production and intense flavour.
  • RPM Quartz 1.2ohm: This coil is designed for vapers who want the purest flavour possible. It features a quartz coil that delivers a smooth and flavourful vape.

Smok RPM-2 Series

The RPM-2 pod is designed to offer a true DTL sub-ohm experience for using high-VG liquids. They have a more open draw and are compatible with a range of coils that generate larger volumes of vapour and immense flavour.

The RPM-2 coil series is a specialised sub-ohm range designed to insert into Smok RPM-2 pods, fitted to the Nord 4 device.

They are available in the following variants:

  • RPM-2 Mesh 0.16ohm: intended for those who want maximum vapour production and the ability to take the Nord 4 device to its maximum of 80 watts.
  • RPM-2 Mesh 0.25ohm: intended for those who want a slightly toned-down sub-ohm vaping experience using high-VG vape juices.
  • RPM-2 DC 0.6ohm: This is the exception in the RPM-2 range, as it is intended for MTL vaping of 50-50 or Nic salt juices as much as it can handle high-VG products. It offers a tighter draw than those above and a smaller wicking port that prevents flooding when using thinner vape juice like 50-50s.

How Long Do Smok Coils Last?

Smok coils have improved a lot over the years, and now boast advanced mesh technology which helps to prolong their performance. Despite this, they are known for a shorter lifespan than some other brands, however their vapour and flavour delivery are top-class to compensate.

What Vape Juice Is Best With The Nord 4?

The Nord 4 has an option that caters to all types of vape liquid, from 50-50 freebase to nic salts and even high-VG blends. So long as you combine the right coil and pod with the kit, you can’t go wrong and will be able to enjoy your favourite juice no matter your preference.

Where Can I Buy The Smok Nord 4?

You can buy the Smok Nord 4 right here in our store! Along with all the Smok coils and pods you need to keep it at its best. Why not consider combining your favourite pods and coils with your e-liquids in a handy subscription or bundle to save time, money and stress!

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