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New York Indoor Vaping Ban Highlights Divide Between Researchers

New York is the 11th state to announce a ban on indoor vaping, reflecting the US focus on e-cigs being harmful rather than a cessation tool. Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed a bill prohibiting vaping in workplaces, bars and restaurants in the state of New York. This is the 11th US state to ban e-cigarettes indoors and highlights the growing divide between researchers in the US and the UK. Public Health England announced that e-cigarettes could be 95% less harmful than tobacco, whilst the UK’s Royal College of Physicians found... Read More


UK Youth Smoking Numbers at a Record Low

An annual survey of secondary school pupils in England indicates that the number of adolescent smokers has hit a record low. The results from the annual Smoking, Drinking and Drug Use Among Young People in England – 2016  have been revealed this month. The survey has been undertaken annually since 1982 and surveys secondary school students in England in years 7-11. Of the 12,051pupils in the 2016 survey, one in five (19%) said that they had ever smoked. In this section half had only tried smoking and the remaining half... Read More


Stoptober campaign sees 29% increase in sales of vaping kits

The 2017 Stoptober campaign has led to a 29% increase in the sale of vaping kits, leading to calls for the government encouraged engagement to continue. Thanks to the NHS backing e-cigarettes as a smoking cessation aid, sales of vape kits have increased by 29%. Vaping was featured prominently throughout the Stoptober campaign, both on the official Stoptober website and in the TV advertisements. The use of e-cigarettes has been promoted as a less harmful option than traditional tobacco, used within the Stoptober campaign as a way to phase out... Read More


Stoptober – The Next Steps

Stoptober 2017 has come to an end and we hope you’re one of the thousands of people who managed to kick the habit this year! Whether you managed to avoid cigarettes for the whole month, or you found yourself slipping back into your old ways, today is a brand new day to continue your journey towards being smoke-free. We’ve asked ex-smokers for their top lifestyle tips that will help you resist the temptation to light up. Keep your hands busy! If you find yourself craving a cigarette while you are... Read More


Stoptober: How to get back on track

We’re halfway into Stoptober so it’s time for a mid-month motivation boost! Whether you’ve stuck to the Stoptober plan, you’ve had a few wobbles or you’ve found yourself slipping back to smoking cigarettes – here are our top tips for getting back on track and reminding yourself why you’re doing it! Shout about it! The more people that know you’re trying to quit, the bigger your support system. Let your colleagues know that you’re skipping the daily smoke breaks, let friends and family know you’re doing Stoptober and get them... Read More


What happens when you stop smoking?

People decide to stop smoking for many different reasons. Whether you’re worried about your health, you’re trying to save money or simply just want to improve your quality of life, everyone has their own motivation to put down the cigarettes! Once you’re on the journey to giving up cigarettes completely, you may discover benefits you hadn’t considered before. Here are just some of the ways you can transform your life when you ‘start stopping’


How to stop with Stoptober

The government backed campaign is backing e-cigarettes as a stop smoking aid, are you ready to put down the cigs? The annual stop smoking campaign, Stoptober, is back and bigger than ever. More than 1 million people have already used Stoptober to help them quit and you can be one of them. You will have a whole world of support at your fingertips when you take the Stoptober challenge, from the free app to daily emails and even face to face support, you’re not in this alone. For the first... Read More


Stoptober campaign backs e-Cigs for the first time

For the first time, the annual Stoptober campaign in England has backed e-cigarettes as a key way to get people to quit smoking. In the past, health experts have avoided explicitly promoting e-cigarettes as a cessation tool, but now the campaign will feature vaping in Tv adverts for the first time. Although e-cigarettes are not yet officially prescribed on the NHS, health professionals are encouraged to advise smokers to use them as an alternative to smoking. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has released new draft guidance... Read More


Cancer Research UK study shows most young vapers don’t become regular users

A recent study part-funded by Cancer Research UK shows that the majority of e-cigarette experimentation among young people does not lead to regular use. Cancer Research UK created 5 surveys that questioned more than 60,000 young people aged 11-16. The study is a collaboration between Cancer Research UK, the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, Public Health England, Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), and the DECIPHer Centre at the University of Cardiff. Lead Author of the study, Professor Linda Bauld, from the University of Stirling stated: “Our study... Read More

What is the best E-Liquid? Our top 10

Are you mad about menthol? A stickler for the classics? Or do you prefer to spice up your vaping life with fruity flavours and unique concoctions? In the world of vaping, everyone has their own favourite flavour, but we wanted to find out what our vapers thought was the best e-liquid around. If you’ve ever found yourself arguing with a fellow vaper about which e-liquid is the best, this is the list for you! We’ve combed through the data and real-life reviews from the LiQuid vaping family to discover the... Read More