Everything You Need To Know: The Innokin Coolfire Z60

Everything You Need To Know: The Innokin Coolfire Z60 Oliver Norman

Everything You Need To Know: The Innokin Coolfire Z60

The Innokin Coolfire z60 is one of the latest mod vape kits from legendary brand Innokin, and the latest addition to the Coolfire range, which has a reputation for being one of the most durable and long-lasting vape kits you can get your hands on.

Combining the latest tech with a stylish design, Innokin have created a fantastically versatile vape kit that can support a wide range of vaping styles from 50-50 mouth-to-lung, High-VG direct-to-lung, and nic salts.

Being a mod, the Z60 has a removable tank, that you can replace with any tank of your choosing, provided it has the very common 510 screw-threading required to secure it to the Z60 battery. If you make use of the excellent Zlide Top Tank however, you will benefit from Innokin’s range of Duo prime Z-Coils. Duo Prime is the name of the technology Innokin has developed to maximise the flavour delivery and lifespan of their coils.

Coil lifespan is actually where the Z60 has a few tricks up its sleeve – two special modes that are designed to get the most out of each coil, giving you a better vaping experience for longer:

  • Coil + mode; pulses your coil after each vape, sending waves of gentle heat through the system which helps clear and prevent residue build-up aka coil ‘claggyness’, whilst simultaneously drawing more e-liquid to the wick, priming it for your next puff. This mode is passive when activated, meaning it will do its thing without your input (beyond simply using the device).
  • Refresh mode revitalises your coil when activated manually. If you leave your device for a reasonably long time and return to it, you may find the coil is a little clogged with residue and may crackle or spit as a result. Refresh mode effectively warms the coil using 40% of the total power output of the battery, to gently clean any buildup from the wire and prolong its lifespan as well as ensuring each puff is tasty and satisfying.

Key Features Of The Innokin Coolfire Z60

  • A decent 2500mAh battery for all-day-use
  • USB-C fast charging
  • Modular design allows swapping tanks (with 510 pin)
  • Compatible with a wide range of Innokin Z-coils
  • Suitable for multiple e-liquid types
  • Coil + and Refresh modes to enhance performance
  • 60-watt maximum output
  • Battery cutoff master switch allows for total safety when travelling or during downtime

Pros And Cons Of The Coolfire Z60

The Z60’s modular design makes this a versatile kit, even by mod standards. The ability to swap tanks means the battery could be a long-term companion while still letting you keep it fresh, and the generous 2500mAh battery is high-density, meaning it is still and very compact kit.

The battery has plenty of power to support all-day-vaping, and even longer if using lower watts for 50-50 or nic salt vape juice blends. Add this to the two special modes described above and the Z60 is a true contender among other vape kits.

However, there are some drawbacks depending on your perspective. While compact, this vaping device is still not as travel friendly as smaller pod devices like the Vaporesso Xros 3  or VooPoo Argus Pod. Not to mention the extra maintenance required to keep a vape tank at its best vs a simple pod.

While the advanced features are great, they might be a little complex for new vapers, which means the Z60 is a better vape kit for advanced users, rather than as a starter device.

How Long Does The Coolfire Z60 Last?

The Z60’s compact yet powerful 2500mAh battery is a practical all-day vaper’s best friend and can even last beyond 24 hours when vaping at lower watts using higher PG juices like nic salts. The battery can drain a little faster when ramping up the power to act as a sub-ohm vape, but even still it performs very well vs the competition.

What Coils Does The Coolfire Z60 Use?

Assuming you stick with the Zlide Top Tank that comes in the starter kit, you will be using the Innokin Z-Coil range. The coil range extends from 0.48ohm for true DTL High-VG vaping all the way up to 1.6ohm for higher-PG blends. In our range you can get the 1.6, 1.8, and 0.8ohm options for a balanced experience depending on your personal taste.

How Long Do Innokin Coils Last?

The Z-Coil range lasts well and are solid all-around performers, thanks to their duo prime technology which extends lifespan and delvers consistently smooth flavour throughout.

Combine this already strong coil platform with the Z60’s unique Refresh and Coil+ modes, and those coils could outperform many competitors on the market. This is of course provided you are willing to engage with and learn how to make the most of these advanced features.

What Vape Juice Is Best With The Coolfire Z60?

The Z60 has all the bases covered thanks to the versatile Z-Coil range, which has options to support high-VG, 50-50, and nic salt juices.

Depending on your personal preference, you can also fit a different tank that has even more options for tailoring your vaping experience to your needs, but in true mod fashion, you will benefit from being a more experienced vaper before getting into this more complex side of the vaping world.

Where Can I Buy The Coolfire Z60?

You can buy it right here in our store! Along with any e-liquid you could need from our extensive £1 vape juice range. If you know what coils and juices you want to pair with this kit, then save yourself time and money by setting up a LiQuid Subscription or check out our device bundles to kick-start your journey with the Z60 with all the extra kit you could want.

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